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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Remembering Islam, 101

We must do a little intellectual recycling. What and why?

Well, to begin with, we are going into the fifth year since the attacks of 9-11 and the third year in this war in Iraq. A lot of people have gotten complacent about the threat of jihad. But, you know, if it hasn’t gone away for the non-Muslim world in over 1400 years, is it sensible for Americans and others to think that 5 years of “peace” inside America makes a “safe” period? When you look around at the news and opinion pieces being published, you might think that the jihadists had packed and gone home. If anyone thinks that, they are making a very bad mistake. Yet the pressure to learn about Islam grows smaller day by day.

With Iran heating up and Hamas in “Palestine” winning the recent “election,” it is time to do some recalling, to reexamine some salient principles about Islam. Here are ten facts and principles offered as a down payment on refreshing and advancing knowledge. No attempt has been made to offer an exhaustive list at this time, but the following deal with the character of Islam as we are facing it today and tomorrow.

1. Our enemy is not “terrorism”: It is Islam.

Terrorism is a symptom, a manifestation, coming from an all-uniting doctrine that explains almost all of the terror occurring on the globe, from the Philippines and Indonesia, through the Middle East, into Europe and over to North and South America. Our colleague at The Religion of Peace has documented over 4000 incidents of Islam-inspired terror globally since the events of 11 September 2001.

Terrorism is to Islam as a cough is to tuberculosis or lung cancer. The “flavor” of Islam matters not. Whether Sunni, Shia, or Sufi, it is a single, unified doctrine behind almost all of the terrorism on earth.

2. There is no moderate Islam, even if there are said to be “moderate Muslims.”

Islam is unlike any doctrine Westerners have ever experienced. As a result, they have inordinate difficulty freeing their minds to examine and accept Islam for what it is. They are stuck on Islam being a “religion.” Hanging over from childhood is the near-axiom, all religions are good; therefore, Islam, a religion, must be good.

In principle, Islam is the same as when developed in the early 7th century C.E. It has undergone no moderating changes in over 1400 years. Islam has always been very similar to Nazism since its beginning, which explains why it is so Nazi-like today.

If there are moderate Muslims, i.e., ones who do not subscribe to “holy war,” conquest, forced conversions, subjugation, plundering, and murder of the unconverted in order to set up a global fascist theocracy, they are the exception, according to Islam itself. Nothing in Islamic doctrines permits “moderation.” Moderate Muslims are considered by the consistent, "good," Muslims to be inconsistent, thus “hypocrites,” thus “bad Muslims,” deserving the fate of resistant non-Muslims.

Islam makes no provision for the tempering of its doctrines away from extreme, aggressive militancy. “Moderate Muslims” have little or no influence over any aspect of Islam, past or present.

3. Islam is just what its documents say it is, and it requires little or no “interpretation.”

Islam is quite easy to understand and master as a body of doctrine. Any number of Islamic apologists and those afflicted with political correctness try to “nuance” or “interpret” Islam to mean other than what we read about and see, and, above all, what Islam says it is. One can master the fundamentals of Islam by reading a Koran, a few excellent books, and regularly reading from a few outstanding websites. Conversely, one can become befuddled easily by listening to and being taken in by Islamic apologists, Middle Eastern and Western.

4. “Jihad” has two meanings, only one of which is important to us—namely, holy war.

Obfuscators about Islam try to hide behind the other, relatively benign meaning of “jihad,” namely that it is the personal, spiritual question for self-improvement through aspiring to know Allah. Muslims on a personal, spiritual quest pose no problems to anyone. Muslims engaged in holy war against all persons and things that are not Muslim have always posed a threat within and without Islamia. The history of Islam is that of blood-soaked tyranny wherever Muslims have gone.

5. Overt jihad is essentially open war; covert jihad uses infiltration, subterfuge, espionage, indoctrination, and recruitment against the enemies of Islam.

Both forms share the same end: Global conquest, subjugation, plunder, and the institution of a Nazi-like fascist theocracy. Inside the West, militant Islamists engage in the covert jihad and recruit the assistance of anti-West intellectuals to assist them in their fifth column work to destroy Western institutions, freedom, and capitalism.

6. All of Islam, whether Sunni, Shia, or Sufi, is anti-mankind, that is, anti-human: anti-life, anti-reality, anti-reason, anti-individual, anti-freedom, and anti-capitalism.

This is why Islam qualifies as thoroughly evil, an evil doctrine masquerading as a religion. There is no good version of Islam. All forms of Islam at root are a philosophy of death. If some Muslims do not want to practice Islam consistently as a philosophy of death, more power to them.

7. Islam requires Muslims to lie and deceive when dealing with non-Muslims in order to further Islam, thus precluding the ability to trust Muslims.

An excellent example is the recent fatwa or legal-religious edict (in the context of Islamic shari’a law) offered by Muslim propagandists, including CAIR (Council for American-Islamic Relations). The fatwa supposedly condemned terrorism, or that was what these propagandists wanted people to think. The give-away came in the text when the fatwa deplored the murder and mayhem inflicted on “innocent” persons. In the Islamic context, non-Muslims cannot be “innocent”; only Muslims can. This was typical and classic deception, but many Americans bought it hook, line, and sinker—just as planned.

8. Islam also lies internally to all Muslims by tantalizing them with promises that cannot be delivered.

Islam recruits young men to engage in “martyrdom.” By dying in the cause of Allah as martyrs, they are promised a quick transit to Paradise, bypassing the End of Days, to live in splendor and endless sexual gratifications with houris who reconstitute their virginity after each intercourse with the martyr. Imagine the surprise, if it could occur, when martyrs die, only to find in an imaginary instant that there is no Paradise and certainly no houris.

Islam is a structure of lies and deceptions. It succeeds only because of early childhood brainwashing that inculcates metaphysical-like fear preventing Muslims questioning anything about Islam. Once examined, however, Islam falls apart.

9. Islam succeeds against its enemies only by harnessing the enemies’ products, services, and personnel.

Islam is intellectually dead and is anti-creative, but it steals technology and the susceptible persons from nations that it sets out to conquer to use that technology and those people to subvert and destroy the non-Muslim nation.

This particular process has been called the “sanction of the victim” (a term introduced by philosopher Ayn Rand). For example, those in al-Qaeda cannot invent computers and the internet or make anything creatively, but they can exploit these fruits of the rational and free minds of the West to their own use. The same applies to munitions and extends even to their using the very freedoms and laws of free people to further their destructive aims. Most victims, in this post-Industrial Revolution world know this, but do not resist the parasitism of their knowledge, technology, and the turning of the laws of those to be conquered and destroyed against them. This failure to resist furthers the aims of al-Qaeda, as it does with all forms of evil, and is what constitutes the “sanction” by its victims.

10. Success of the spread of Islam is measured by the degree of dhimmitude in the victims.

Dhimmitude refers to the state of being a subjugated subpopulation within an area conquered by Muslims. Dhimmis live at a lower level than indentured servants, and they live by permission of their Muslim conquerors. All aspects of their lives are prescribed by the Muslims and enforced solely by whims of the rulers.

Most importantly, dhimmitude--these days--comes before conquest. Populaces that develop the mind-set of dhimmitude in advance of conquest become the most susceptible to easy conquest. In our contemporary culture, Europe is ripe for Islamicization because Europeans have become dhimmis psychologically. They no longer offer resistance to covert jihad and not much to overt jihad. Too many Europeans have the mentality of those already conquered--before the first shot has been fired. In North America, those caught in the cognitive traps of political correctness and multiculturalism, as opposed to America’s founding principles, have developed the psychological state of dhimmitude and pose a severe danger to the rest of Americans who intend on living free.

Islam has not gone away as a severe threat to us. Islam has not softened its approach to us. Islam has not become the “religion of peace.” To grasp the significance of jihad, whenever you hear “Islam,” substitute “Nazism”; and, whenever you hear “Muslim,” substitute “Nazi.”

Above all, read about Islam, while you can.


  • At Sun Jan 29, 08:58:00 PM PST, Blogger Walid said…

    Thank you for this long article , which of course took you a lot of efforts on gathering its contents.

    I am an average muslim as you mentioned and I am surprised beacause of ten reasons. If I replied to each of your points I would write pages, so I will just summarize some points for the reader who wants to know more about islam as a religion.

    Islam is a religion that is expanding worldwide day after day,there should be a reason for this.

    islam means Peace and it is about peace and mercy to everybody.

    Muslims believe that prophet Muhamed is the last prophet sent by Allah to lighten our ways and lead us to the right track.

    Quraan is the book sent by Allah to us through his prophet, which is undoubtly the words of Allah to all human beings. For those who question it please spend a few minutes browsing:

    You could then tell if this is fake or not! You will find that the Quran (1400 years old) has refered to landing on moon, characteristics of Iron, existence of microscopic life, Genes programming and more than a hundred other fact that were revealed to us only in the last century, and only Allah knows how much we could learn from Quraan anbout our future.

    As a Musilm islam requires us to respect all religions sent by Allah, to live in harmony and peace with all human beings, to be a productive part of the community we are living in. It is about Morals and values. On the other hand it requires us to attack those who attack us and not to be bullies as god hates bullies.

    For the author of the article I say, may god have mercy on him and light his path to the right direction.

  • At Mon Jan 30, 01:54:00 AM PST, Blogger Empress said…

    You seem to have done alot of research about Islam -
    I'm suprised that with all this info. you haven't converted yet.

    You see the problem is u were probably looking in the wrong places and gathered alot of biased opinions not Facts.

    If you spend that much time looking for the truth I'm sure that you'd think differently about Islam

    Allah yahdeek


  • At Mon Jan 30, 02:19:00 AM PST, Blogger makdom said…

    You make me laugh... The way you write on Islam is just biased resoning. Its just you trying to deny yourself the truth in Islam. You can't accept the fact that you have the potential of becoming a Muslim. May 'God' guide you to the truth in Islam.

  • At Mon Jan 30, 08:41:00 AM PST, Blogger George Mason said…

    To the three Muslims, "Walid, Empress, and Makdom":

    I am glad you are reading. Few Muslims have taken the time to attempt a rebuttal, and I appreciate your efforts. Alas, the grave similarity of responses suggests that you are Islamic "seminar callers." Nevertheless...

    One of you stated that an adequate rebuttal would take enormous space. Sir, madame, or madamoiselle, if you deal in terms of philosophical fundamentals, you could save yourself much time and effort. And you could save your mind(s). If you want to see Islam stripped to its fundamentals, check out our philosophically oriented articles . These articles are in plain English rather than technical jargon.

    As for why I do not convert to Islam, well, I must tell you that I am not ready or willing to scrap my independent, reasoning mind for the intellectual wastelands of Islam.

  • At Tue Jan 31, 03:33:00 AM PST, Blogger eb9ara7a said…

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