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Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Great Place to Visit!


I'm posting a number of really great quotes from Islamic sources today, taken from a wonderful site that I would like to urge you to visit. The quotes here are from Muslims, but there are many wonderful quotes from infidels, too, including the Founders of the United States and the Framers of the Constitution (in short, Islam is not a new problem for the United States!).

The site has many helpful features, including things you can do every day to promote the truth about Islam. It has an extensive book section, too, many with excellent reviews.

Do go visit! You'll be glad you did!

The Truth Project: Promoting the Dissemination of the Truth about Islam


What Muslims Have Said:

"Thus the jihad may be regarded as Islam’s instrument for carrying out its ultimate objective by turning all people into believers, if not in the prophethood of Muhammad (as in the case of the dhimmis), at least in the belief of God. The Prophet Muhammad is reported to have declared 'some of my people will continue to fight victoriously for the sake of the truth until the last one of them will combat the anti-Christ.' Until that moment is reached the jihad, in one form or another will remain as a permanent obligation upon the entire Muslim community.

It follows that the existence of a dar al-harb is ultimately outlawed under the Islamic jural order; that the dar al-Islam permanently under jihad obligation until the dar al-harb is reduced to non-existence; and that any community accepting certain disabilities- must submit to Islamic rule and reside in the dar al-Islam or be bound as clients to the Muslim community.

The universality of Islam, in its all embracing creed, is imposed on the believers as a continuous process of warfare, psychological and political if not strictly military."
Majid Khadurri, Muslim scholar, in War and Peace in the Law of Islam, 1955

"Acquiring nuclear weapons for the defense of Moslems is a religious duty. If I have indeed acquired these weapons, then I thank Allah for enabling me to do so."
-Osama bin Laden, in an 1998 interview with Time magazine

"We have the right to kill 4 million Americans, two million of them children."
-Abu Gheith, Al-Qaeda spokesman

"If a bomb was dropped on them that would annihilate 10 million and burn their lands…this is permissible."
-Sheikh Nasir bin Hamid al-Fahd, prominent Saudi cleric close to Al-Qaeda

"The real matter is the extinction of America. And, Allah willing, it will fall to the ground…keep in mind this prediction."
Mullah Omar, Taliban leader and ally of Osama bin Laden

"Those who oppose the mullahs oppose Islam itself; eliminate the mullahs and Islam shall disappear in fifty years. It is only the mullahs who can bring the people into the streets and make them die for Islam--begging to have their blood shed for Islam."
-Ayatollah Khomeini

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."
-Omar Ahmad, Co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

"I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future...But I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through education."
-Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR Spokesperson

"We must reject democracy in favor of Islam, which is the unique perfect system worked out by Allah. . .Our march has just begun and Islam will end up conquering Europe and America. . . And let no one think that we are Utopian dreamers."
-Sheikh Saeed Shaaban, quoted in L'Orient le jour, Beirut, 19 October 1983

"The Koran pushes us in the exact opposite direction to the forces at work in the American political spectrum."
-Imam Zaid Shakir, former Muslim chaplain and political science professor, Yale University

"Islam is not Christianity...Islam is the religion of agitation, revolution, blood, liberation and martyrdom."
-Sheikh Morteza Motahari, quoted in "Islamic Movements in the Last One Hundred Years," Tehran, 1979

"You shall begin to live once you have killed yourself. The "you" in you is none other than Satan in disguise. Kill him and you will be saved. Muslims are lucky because they can accomplish this self annihilation in accordance with divine rules. For Islam has an answer to every imagnable question. All an individual needs to do is to obey the rules without posing questions, without seeking variations."
-Sheikh Ragheb Harb, "Islam is the Strongest Religion," 1983, p.22

"A believer...who takes up a gun, a dagger, a kitchen knife or even a pebble with which to harm and kill the enemies of the Faith has his place assured in Heaven. An Islamic state is the sum total of such individual believers. An Islamic state is a state of war until the whole world sees and accepts the light of the True Faith."
-Ayatollah Fazl-Allah Mahalati, "On the Path of Justice," Tehran, 1980, pp. 70-71

"If we...allow our rulers to be chosen by the ordinary people from among ordinary politicans, we will not have to wait long before we see the end of Islam."
-Ayatollah Komeini

"People say, "Don't lie!" But the principle is different when we serve the will of Allah. He taught Man to lie so that we can save ourselves at moments of difficulty and confuse our enemies... People say, "Don't kill!" But the Almighty Himself taught us how to kill...So shall we not kill when it is necessary for the triumph of the Faith? ... Deceit, trickery, conspiracy, cheating, stealing and killing are nothing but means."
-Muhammad Navab-Safavi, key figure in the fundamentalist movement, "Islamic Society and Government," Tehran, 1946; second edition, 1985.

"We are not fighting to chase out the occupiers or save national unity and keep the borders defined by the infidels intact, we are fighting because it is a religious duty to do it, just as it is a religious duty to take sharia to the government and create an Islamic state."
-spokesman for al-Qaeda, Baghdad, October 18, 2005

"One must beware of the Jews, for they are treacherous and disloyal."
-Islamic Education for Ninth Grade p. 79

"I learn from this lesson: I believe that the Jews are the enemies of the Prophets and the believers."
-Islamic Education, Part Two, for Fourth Grade p. 67

"Remember: The final and inevitable result will be the victory of the Muslims over the Jews."-Our Arabic Language for Fifth Grade p. 67

(The quotes above are from Palestinian school texts published under the symbol of their Ministry of Education, but authored in Jordon. All the books cited here were written during the most optimistic periods of the peace process, before the violence of September 2000 had begun.)

"Shake the earth, raise the stones.You will not be saved, Oh Zionist, from the volcano of my country's stones,You will not be saved, Oh Zionist, from the volcano of my country's stones,You are the target of my eyes, I will even willingly fall as a shahid (martyr for Allah).You are the target of my eyes, I will even willingly fall as a shahid.Allah akbar, Oh the young ones."
-The words above are from a music video which had not been broadcast on Palestinian TV after being shown in a U.S. Senate hearing in 2003. However, by October 2004, it had reappeared, and was played at least ten times between October 4 and October 17 of that year. The words are sung by a woman wearing an army uniform, with scenes of children dancing alternating with scenes of children participating in violent acts in combat zones. For the full article, go here.

"Any land, any piece of land, over which flies the banner of 'There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger,' and which at a certain point belonged to the Muslims – as far as we are concerned, plundering and occupying such land is forbidden, and it is the duty of all Muslims to do what they can to liberate this land, wherever it may be. True, many precious Muslim lands are under occupation today. They have been forgotten, and Andalusia is one example. Nevertheless, it is the duty of the Muslims to liberate them...."
-Sheikh Muhammad Ali, Palestinian Clerics Association Deputy Director, on August 19, 2005. Link here.

"The 21st century will be the century of Islam."
-Ayatollah Janati, cleric in Iranian government, quoted many times.

"The rayah is like the grass; Mow it as much as you will, still it springs up anew. Once you'd broken Bosnia's horns, you mowed down what would not be pruned, leaving only the riffraff behind so there'd be someone left to serve us and grieve before the cross."
--Muslim proverb from the time of the Ottoman Empire. ("Rayah" means "herd," and was a term used to describe the Christians.)


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