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Friday, February 17, 2006

Keeping that Third Eye Open and Focused

This morning's email brought this article from MEMRI:: : "Reformist Iranian Internet Daily: A New Fatwa States That Religious Law Does Not Forbid Use of Nuclear Weapons." [Special Dispatch Series - No. 1096, February 17, 2006]

On February 16, 2006, the reformist Internet daily Rooz reported for the first time that extremist clerics from Qom had issued what the daily called "a new fatwa," which states that "shari'a does not forbid the use of nuclear weapons." From that report..."When the Entire World is Armed With Nuclear Weapons, it is Permissible to Use These Weapons as a Counter-[Measure]... In terms of shari'a, it all depends on the goal."

"The religious leadership of the Islamic Republic [of Iran], which has until now regarded the use of nuclear weapons as opposed to shari'a...but...the radicals nevertheless seem to have complete control over the [political] arena...[I]t seems that the ultra-[conservatives] in Iran have launched a new effort to prepare the
religious grounds for use of these weapons..."

"Within the six months [of Ahmadinejad's presidency]...[he has] managed, in a very short time, to get the world to forget all about bin Laden."

The article gives greater detail and should be read and digested.

We are watching the repeat of history in the form of the rise of Nazi Germany with its rearming and war preparations. It is clear to me that war with Iran is inevitable, given the lack of ideological war and an accompanying covert strategy to arm Iranians to overthrow their regime.

The longer we wait, the worse the war and the greater the human suffering to come. But, wait we will, I fear. Right now, we are at war within America and within the West between the freedom and anti-freedom forces. This makes us weak, and we look weak. That is why Islamia acts so full of itself with cockiness, braggadocio, and disrespect toward us in every form. Our weakness has become an engraved invitation to Islamics to come take us out, and they are thought disordered enough to believe that they can beat us and that their way is superior. We have given them no reason to doubt themselves.

It is time to take out Iran and the rest of Islamia. Such would be a gift to mankind.


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