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Monday, February 27, 2006

"If the Jihadists Penetrate the UAE Company, They Would Infiltrate the U.S."

Walid Phares talks to MSNBC:

Walid Phares to MSNBC: "In the Dubai World ports agreement, the issue is about how successful can the Jihadists be in penetrating the company in the UAE. If they can inflitrate it, which is most likely, they will be able to inflitrate the US. If anything has to be done, it is in this regard. The rest is politics." [ Visit Website ]Feb 26, 2006, 20:20


  • At Mon Feb 27, 07:33:00 PM PST, Blogger Jason_Pappas said…

    That makes it clear. It should be obvious but some people need to hear it from an expert. There is widespread support for the jihad (and hatred for America) in the UAE and other so-called friendly nations like Kuwait.

    I just read (in print) that Kuwait had to put up a fence to keep Kuwaiti jihadists from going into Iraq and fight against the coalition.

    Phares is right: it is not just the feelings of the leaders (who knows how they might change) but the ease of infiltration. And with anti-infidel hate that permiates the population, why take the risk?

    By the way, those were excellent comments to Dr. Charles Steele on my blog. The most important aspect of character is philosophy (or worldview) and for Muslims that is Islam. Security can't be risked on the hopes that a Muslim may be lax in his religious duty. I'm glad you added explicitly what I was describing in detail. That must have been the shorted post with the longest comments section of any blog.


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