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Monday, February 20, 2006

“Port-Gate” Political Correctness

This Monday morning, 20 February 2006, Fox and Friends dealt extensively with the Dubai Ports World issue. This issue concerns allowing a company owned by and based in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai, to take over security of six of our biggest ports. This Bush administration decision was made in secret and literally sprung on America, hopefully, as they see it, too late for citizens and Congress to do anything about it.

This secret decision, kept secret so that no details could or can be known, is unraveling. Senators, Representatives, families of 9-11 victims, bloggers, and citizens at large are bringing the matter to a boil. The Bush administration spokesmen say that Congress approved the organization that vetted this DPW contract, so they should not be surprised to find people doing what they were authorized to do. It seems obvious that our legislation-drunk Congress did not expect these unanticipated consequences of giving away the store by the administration.

Political correctness has moved to the forefront as of this morning. The words have been carefully chosen by the pro-DPW forces to characterize the opponents of the contract as opposed to an “Arab” country taking over our port security—apparently, characterizations of the host country as a strong ally are not selling to Americans. So, here comes the race card.

Let’s cut to the core of the matter. First, Arab or non-Arab is not the issue. Islam is the issue, and all the players are bending over backwards, perhaps preparing to rip out their tongues, rather than identify THE problem as Islam. That Dubai is in the very heart of original Islamia, perched like a cap on Saudi Arabia and across the gulf from Iran means something very important. It will be deadly to ignore the significances.

Here are some salient facts:

• DPI is owned wholly by the UAE.
• UAE are Muslim states.
• A Muslim monarch heads Dubai, and other Muslim monarchs head all of the UAE.
• These states are officially Islamic states, meaning that Islam is the official state religion.
• Sharia is the official law.
• Any elements of “free market” in the UAE exist solely at the whim of the rulers, which means that these elements can be revoked in an instant.
• This contract with DP World (a.k.a. DPI) gives US absolutely no insight to or control over WHO ARE HIRED by DPW to provide the security for our ports.
• The USA are at war with Islamia, fighting a jihad to destroy us, and directed by the doctrine of Islam.
• Islam requires loyalty only to the ummah (Muslims collective) and Islam by Muslims; there is no “moderate Islam”; and past history, even very recent history, is prologue and reason enough for us to wake up and smell the coffee. An Arab “ally” which is also Islamic cannot be trusted to be an ally, because of Islam, as long as they subscribe to the unmoderated doctrines of Islam.

We cannot trust our port security--or any element of national security--to Islamists, ever. That the Bush administration are willing to "trust" should remind us that the same administration is "trusting" Mexico and refusing to do anything about the severe border and illegal immigrant problem.


  • At Mon Feb 20, 09:24:00 AM PST, Blogger Eleanor © said…

    Disenchantment has set in: I am sorry to say that something is very rotten indeed in the Bush administration. You have clearly and succintly stated the problem: one enemy is Islamia and no American should cede territory or sovereignty of any kind to the enemy.

    The other is Mexico. Unfortunately various administrations have colluded with the Mexican government and "they" are already here in vast numbers.

  • At Mon Feb 20, 01:35:00 PM PST, Blogger George Mason said…


    You bet about the Bushies. I have gone beyond disenchantment to a sense of almost metaphysical fear. Yes, I fear the consequences of inept dealing with Islamia, Mexico, and immigration, but my deepest fear comes from what you elegantly described as "something very rotten indeed in the Bush administration."

    My concern goes beyond an American version of Eurabia and dhimmitudinousness. It goes beyond our national integrity and security. As of now, I cannot identify just what is eating at me. What I fear is concern that there could be an evil almost beyond experience of most people alive today. Paranoia? Only time will tell.

    Bush et al are bad, very bad. But, who out there is better for the foreseeable future? Blank!


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