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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Turning the Tables on the Victims? 60 Minutes and Muslims in Denmark

A 60 Minutes commentator hosted a story (2/19/06) about the plight of Denmark since Cartoon Rage began more than a month ago. Among those interviewed was Abdel Rahman Abu Laban, the most "prominent imam" in Denmark who took a dossier of the cartoons published in the obscure Danish newspaper, Jylland-Posten around the Middle East, causing the death and mayhem that is going on even today. When confronted by the fact that some of the cartoons were fake and not published by the newspaper, the imam only smiled and began to talk about how the newspaper had attempted to teach Danish Muslims about free speech. In other words, he didn't deny presenting the fake cartoons as real and only "regretted" the various deaths caused his action as casualties of a necessary action. He indicated that the Muslim world was teaching Denmark and the rest of the world that freedom can not and will not be permitted under Islam as he doesn't care what happens to Denmark and to Danes. In fact he seemed pleased that Muslims around the world were punishing Denmark. Although he lied about the cartoons, he isn't a hypocrite, for Muslims and Islam intend to punish the world for wanting to be free.

After the recent riots in France and in Australia that occurred long before the cartoons, no one should really surprised that Muslims riot at the drop of a hat. No one should be surprised that Muslims refuse to accept the principles of free speech for Sharia, Muslim law, denies man freedom thought and action as well as free speech. No one should be surprised that fake cartoons were disseminated through the Muslim world by a "prominent imam," prominent for his duplicity, for taqiyya (holy lying) and kitman (strategies to turn the tables on non-Muslims) has been typical behavior of Muslims for centuries.

Should I have surprised that 60 Minutes did not do the tough story on the riots and the Imam? The editors and commentator seem to be clueless about Islam, an ideology that claims "just to be a religion." Anyone that has studied Islam knows that Islam is a "system": just that. A "system" with a variety of facets that include at least: religion, culture, economy, education, as well as many types of law. Some of the laws dictate rights of Muslims, rights of non-Muslims, law of charity, and family law. Another prominent feature is Da'wa, calling new followers, and so on. Islam can not exist unless all facets are included. Remember that freedom of any sort is not among the characteristics of the Islamic "system."

And one more thing: Muslims expect that Islam will dominate and that non-Muslims have no right to have anything to say about the affairs of men. 60 Minutes seems to have caved in to the same pressure that the rest of the world is experiencing: everyone is afraid to be blown up or burned down because they have offended some Muslim somewhere.

Should 60 Minutes be taken to task for not defending free speech of Westerners in their own country? Certainly Muslims feel that they have the right to say, draw and publish what they want, but what right do they have to tell a free people what they can say, think, or draw? Everyday Muslims published stories and cartoons about Jews and Christians, Israelis, Americans and every other nationality that are much worse, much more bigoted and stereotyped than those few cartoons published in the Jylland-Posten, and much worse than the fake cartoons taken around by that "prominent" imam. And these same Muslim countries punish non-Muslims for any infraction against Islam, whether verbal or physical. One could call this hypocrisy if the goals and strategies of of the ummah, the world brotherhood of Muslims, were not known and understood: lying, bombing, burning, and playing the victim are strategies; world take over and squelching of freedom are goals.

Muslims have no right to step on the rights of free people in their own countries. Danes are no longer free because 2% of their population now have set the standard. According to 60 Minutes, 20% of Danes are now learning toward a conservative anti-immigrant party. Who can blame them? Think of it: 2% of the population is now driving the lives and agenda of the 98%.

The Danish imam was interested in engaging the world in the problems of Danish Muslims. He should understand that sympathies toward Danish Muslims and Muslims in general are not improved by his action. On the contrary, his behavior and those of the rioters have hardened the resolve of many the West against Islam. Those non-Muslims that have never studied Islam now see the rabid actions of Muslims as a threat to non-Muslims everywhere. Now we understand that at any moment "moderate Muslims" such as the Imam and various others that claim to be moderate can turn on a dime. Why take the chance of having them among us? A sign posted in prominently in a Danish shop window read: "Please don't leave us alone with Muslims." That sign said it all.

Have the editors of60 Minutes, by showing Danish Muslims as victims rather than non-Muslims Danes, played into the hands of the world's Islamists. A discriminating viewer could see Muslims true nature through the lies. Thank you 60 Minutes.


  • At Mon Feb 20, 05:29:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Who could have understood that the fatwa against Salman Rushdie these many years ago for his writing 'The Satanic Verses' would be the first shot in the Muslim assault on the freedom of western civilization. Just as it was impossible for Rushdie to stand against the ayatollahs alone so it is virtually impossible for even a single small nation like Denmark to be in the vanguard of defense against Islamofascism. The battle must be borne by all free nations - there should at least be an international conference on how to deal with the Muslim threat to our freedoms. (Where, I hope, the first discussion would be on how to discredit the contemptible division between 'free speech' and 'responsible free speech') ....
    Of course, the natural venue for such an effort should be the United Nations - but that corrupt body couldnt be expected to do anything of the kind...


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