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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

School Girl Refuses to Wear Garb of 'Non-Believers'

This year she's outraged; last year and the year before, she wasn't. The uniform is certainly modest: "a shalwar kameez, a sleeveless smock-like dress worn with tapered trousers and a sweater or shirt to cover the arms...a headscarf could also be worn by Muslim girls," certainly not immodest nor a fashion statement.

The school chose the uniform to "minimise the differences between them." (the faiths of students.) This is the problem:

"Unfortunately, the reason for its appeal to the school is the same as one of the objections raised by Miss Begum's advisers, in that it is a dress worn by non-believers and not suitable for that reason."

Isn't that bigoted of her...


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