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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Playing A Hand of Fear

A chance encounter with a local Iranian-American businessman led to discussion of, what else, Iran and the Middle East. His comments about leaders and rationality got me thinking about why a prosperous, well-educated people, with an ancient civilization would choose to place a model of irrationality, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, spouting Apocalypse, in the forefront at this time. Why, of course, to frighten us.

A second question also gave me pause. Why did the United Nations and the West, with the United States in the lead, take years to contain and nullify Saddam Hussein, giving him many chances to toe the line? Was this the action of a powerful nation or culture, secure in the knowledge that their way would triumph? The answer is no. Saddam knew that he could play the United Nations and the United States just as the Iranians and the rest of the Muslim world know that they can play us for as long as they like, using pride and fear as weapons against us.

A third question then arises. Why the Cartoon rage, why now? Following fast on the heels of the possibility that Iran will be nuclear armed and prepared to share knowledge and weaponry with "terrorists," that is other well-backed-and-financed Muslims with the same ideas, Cartoon rage is snowballing the fear factor.

Westerners are being intimidated, folding, throwing up and throwing in their hands in the clash of civilizations poker game that is being played out: certain editors, college presidents, and even prime ministers have blinked. It's as if they are faced by a Mafia or other crime family that has threatened to burn down their houses or businesses unless protection money is paid. The normal and reasonable reaction to such intimidation is to hunt down, arrest or kill the perpetrators and their backers, but as the threat is coming for a so-called religion, reasonable people have decided to pay, and pay dearly we will, as they are demanding.

Blackmail, the use of threats or manipulation of someone's feelings to force them to do something, and extortion, the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats, are crimes in every corner of the of civilized world. Payment is sometimes given in money and goods, sometimes favors, or in the relinquishing of something valuable to both the criminal and the victim. In this case, payment is demanded in the form of submission.

The core value of Islam submission. Indeed Islam means "submission" (of course to Allah). Muslims of all stripes believe non-believers, or infidels, are unequal to Muslims and must be shown their error. Some classical Muslims believe that dis-equality of treatment, called dhimmitude, is the correct way. Others believe in gentle persuasion, known as Da'wa, the calling to Islam, or invitation to join the Islamic club, and the most well-known group believe that the error must corrected so that non-Muslims effectively know that they are less, they must be subdued through violence. Such behavior is the core principle of Sharia and reason for Cartoon Rage and nuclear blackmail is to distract the world for the true intent: to implement and enforce Sharia law throughout the world.

The blackmail is working. Terrified officials in the name of law and order, personal and official liability, are tripping over each other as they knuckle under, submitting themselves and the rest of us to the the law of terror of Sharia. Will this stop the threats? the violence, of course not. The violence will continue until no one dares to raise either his head or voice. Until millions begin to "voluntarily" adopt Sharia as a personal code and Islam as their "religion." The violence continue until tributed Western tax money, the dhimmi jizya in the form of aid or direct taxes, fills Muslim coffers and proscribed and mandated in the Koran.

Update: Clerics are calling for the "rejection of apologies" and the "capture, arrest, and trial of publishers of the slanderous cartoons."

Speaking to hundreds of faithful at his Friday sermon, Sheik Abdul Rahman al-Seedes, the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, called on the international community to enact laws that condemn insults against the prophet and holy sites.
I would be impressed if he called for laws to protect all dieties and holy sites, wouldn't you. As he didn't, he's demonstrating his hypocrisy. I wonder, are there "moderate" Muslims out there that would make that call...anywhere?


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