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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Study of Revenge

A blogsite called The Study of Revenge has been labelled by Google as a hate site, based on some alleged complaints. Google, the company willing to carry the water for tyranny by censoring itself in Red China, is quick to jump to the politically correct inside America. Enjoying the fruits and ultra riches provided by capitalism, Google Lefties rush to reassure the Left that no one can accuse them of integrity with regard to freedom, rights, and capitalism. No sireee, they are more than willing to bite the hand that feeds them.

This morning we received an email with this request:

"I'm watching the Muslims put the squeeze on a fellow blogger who has up some graphics of Mohammed they don't like. They managed to get Google to put a warniong (sic) at his blog If that, then what's next? I ask all of you to copy and spread Derek's graphic til everyone sees it, especially Muslims, till it's in their faces and they can't turn but for seeing it again."

In the name of the Rights of Man and the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, not Red China or Islamia, here is the graphic:


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