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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another Reason Why Muslims and Westerners Can't Mix

Poster "jsla" at JihadWatchmakes the following observation:

Some posters here have mentioned the staggering costs associated with having Muslims in America and Europe -- costs which would not be necessary if they were not present - -including intelligence gathering, surveillance, police actions, security measures throughout our entire system to guard against their atrocities and their plotting --

Now we can safely add the costs of legal proceedings to dislodge cancerous Muslims from positions they have infiltrated, and the inevitable lawsuits and equally inevitable huge payouts Muslims will demand and receive once they are found to be plotting against the West and are dislodged.

So once again we can see how Muslims will use our freedom(s) of speech privileges against us, our functioning economic system against us (to have jobs to fund Jihad, online banking to fund their Jihad), our legal system tied up with endless trials and appeals for terrorists, endless lawsuits, in addition to all the usual technologies we place at their feet so they can continue their efforts to destroy us -- the internet, the computers, the cell phones, the SUVs, the airplanes, the educational system in our splendid Western institutions (also known as non-Sharia education)...

Rather than tedious and boring, having "Muslims among us" is exciting and interesting, as in the Ancient Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times."


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