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Monday, March 13, 2006

Islam in France: Did You Know...?

Accommodation of immigrants (or migrants) is particularly egregious when the immigrants are Muslim who, rather than conforming to the host population, demand that host population change in accordance to their mores and traditions.

Did you know that young Muslim girls demand to be exempted from Sports and Biology classes, without being penalized at the exams? (Source: Le Nouvel Observateur)

Did you know that Muslim women require and get special schedules that are exclusively reserved for her in public swimming pools? (Source: Revue Politique)

Did you know that Muslim female students require and get to be escorted by their husband and to be judged by a woman to their exams? (Source: Le Nouvel Observateur)

Did you know that a Muslim association (‘Unir’ at the Paris XIII university) question the right for “western culture” professor to judge the work of a Muslim student? (Source: l’Express)

Did you know that Muslims demand and obtain the suppression of the Christmas celebration in schools?

Did you know that Muslims, abusing of the laic public schools, demand and obtain the removal of Christmas trees? (Source: Le Parisien)

Did you know that Muslims demand and obtain the prohibition of pork and of non hallal (preparation of food according to Islamic law) meat in the French schools where they are in majority?

Did you know that in the government administration, Muslims demand additional days off for their Islamic celebrations?

Did you know that Muslims demand praying rooms in our schools, high schools and universities?

Did you know that Muslims demand arranged schedules for their 5 daily prayers to schools, high schools, universities and companies?

Did you know that Muslims demand a revision of our history books to integrate the history of their country and religion? (Source: Le Nouvel Observateur)

Did you know that in order not to “irritate” Muslims, all references to Charles Martel, Jeanne D’Arc and many mores… will be removed from our scholar books?

Did you know that Muslims females require their Islamic veils to work in public jobs (government administration, hospitals, schools…)?
Did you know that Muslim female students in medicine require to work only with female patients? (Source: Le Monde, Le Figaro)

Did you know that doctors were violently beaten because they had healed women without the assent of their Muslim husbands? (Source: Le Monde, Le Figaro)

Did you know that many French high schools with a North African majority have “Death to the Jews”, “Death to the Christians” and “Support Ben Laden” inscriptions on their walls?

Did you know that most of far left and Muslim associations claiming themselves as “anti racists” ( militate for the disappearing if Israel and of the Jews?

Did you know that during the manifestation against the war in Iraq, some Muslim “pacifists” and “anti racists” were exhibiting portraits of Ben Laden or Saddam Hussein? (Source: Les 4 Vérités)

Did you know that a savage named Djamel who burnd a young girl alive, Sohane, was acclaimed in his Val de Marne ‘cité’ (Muslim suburbs) when he came to the fact reconstitution? (Source: France 3)

Did you know that the young blacks and Muslims who burned a white supermarket vigil alive (in 2002 at Nantes) feels no remorse and are proud of themselves? (Source: the lawyer)

Did you know that a “book of good behavior” ‘The licit and illicit in Islam’, sold in France for more than 10 years, explains how a good Muslim have to beat his wife: “with hands”, “with neither a whip nor a piece of wood”, “and avoiding her face”? (Source: l’Express)

Did you know that in Belgium, Islamic militias patrol in the streets to “control the bad and racists white cops” and to apply their own rules? (Source: Libération)

Did you know that new laws will force the Police, the Army, and general public jobs to hire with priority people coming from immigration, and that 35 companies (France TV, Peugeot, Casino) have signed a foreign preference contract for staff recruitment? (Source: Government)

Did you know that in high school, Muslims students put on their coat before going to the blackboard “in order not to cause any covetousness”, that in schools Muslim fathers refuse to leave their daughters in a class with a male teachers, and that a school had to organize a SAS without windows to recognize the mothers, veiled from their foot to their head, before returning them their Children? (Source: Le Monde)

Did you know that in schools some students instituted the separate usage of 2 taps in the toilettes, one reserved for the “Muslims”, the other to the “French”, or that a local responsible of the Muslim cult demanded separate cloakrooms because “a circumcised can not undress next to an impur”? (Source: Le Monde)

Did you know that to the question “in case of a conflict would you defend the nation?”, of 10 people coming from immigration 7 answered no, 2 were laughing, and just 1 is willing to fight for France? (Source: Le Point)

Of course this couldn't happen in the United States. Right! Ironically various immigrant groups are demanding that their language, culture and history take precedence and even supplant that of mainstream U.S. culture. How do we and they expect assimilation to occur under these conditions.

The examples in France provided above should caution as to what happens when multiculturalism and P.C. mentality is employed without a modicum of common sense.


  • At Mon Mar 13, 11:08:00 AM PST, Blogger John Sobieski said…

    Our best hope is for the Islam invasion to erupt in Europe into small scale civil war. That will open the eyes of our politician, I hope, to the danger of Islam. Breaking down the political correctness and multiculturalism wall requires a massive shock to the system. 9/11 was not enough.


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