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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Yet Another Bounty on 12 Cartoonists' Heads

This is getting, really, really boring!!!

Pakistan: Bounty for killing Muhammed Cartoonists
March 12, 2006 13.28 Foreign News

The men behind the Danish Muhammed cartoons are today faced with another bounty on their heads from Pakistan.
It is the Bar Association who are calling for the murder of the 12 Jyllands-Posten cartoonists.
“I offer the reward of 10 Million Rupees (1 Million DKK, 120000US$) for anyone who kills one of the Cartoonists,” says Syes Athar Bukhari, the President of the Bar Association.

Bukhari is supported by the Jamaat-i-Islami party, the second-largest part of the Pakistani coalition government. The local leader, Rao Zafar Iqbal, says that the mebers of the party are willing to die for this sacred cause.

During the demonstration in the city of Multan Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Israeli and American flag were burned, and shouts of “Death to Denmark” were heard.

"Chicken Kiev," poster at LGF says it all : "I remember those fun summers I spent backpacking around Europe, so many years ago. If someone told me then -- on the sunny happy streets of Copenhagen -- that this would happen someday, I would have thought that person was a crazy drug addict."

When are we going to put a stop to this?

Hattip on article Another Bounty on 12 Cartoonists' Heads: LGF


  • At Sun Mar 12, 08:59:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If someone solicited murder in any other circumstances a warrant would be issued for his/her arrest for 'conspiracy to committ murder' and the offended nation would request extradition of the (alleged) perpetrator. If he was not available then Interpol would step in to help with the investigation, I would guess....

    But the dhimmi leaders of Europe use a different set of rules for Muslim criminals...they are allowed to (literally) get away with murder.

    (Wanna bet that the Halimi criminals don't do more than 6-8 years for his abduction/torture/murder?)


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