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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Does Dual Citizenship Erode American National Identity?

In a recent speech, President Bush naively stated that the rapid influx of different cultures would not affect American identity. What a foolish thing to say. Cultural identity is created over the span of decades and sometimes generations and to believe otherwise demonstrates an ignorance of history and the principles of acculturation. Someone should slip him a copy of this symposium.

There will be an effect on the established population regardless of where the migrants are from. Just as in Europe, the many millions of migrants now realize that there is more than safety in numbers; they realize that they have power and are now able to make demands of the government and of the citizens of the country into which they have wandered.

Apparently American high schools and universities skipped the chapters on the falll of Rome. The "final blows" were administered by tribes moving in from the borders. The Romans couldn't or wouldn't defend their borders and were summarily overrun. For some reason our political, business, and religious elite can't grasp the reality of our situation. Nor do they understand the principle, paraphrased: those that don't learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.


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