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Thursday, March 02, 2006

DPW - Here We Go Again!

As many of us have heard, DPW is poised to insert its influence over the operations of 21 (not the six we usually hear about) U.S. ports. The relationship will include, according to DPW's dhimmi Senior Senior Vice President Michael Moore (not THAT Michael Moore!), an obligatory "interface" with security operations.

But wait! There's more! Dubai is also considering the purchase of Doncasters, a venerable British company, that has subsdiaries in the U.S., Mexico, and the UK. Doncasters website announces that it manufactures precision components, often in difficult-to-work materials, for its customers.

Its customers include defense contractors such as Boeing, GE, and Pratt-Whitney.

There we go! The Panama Canal and the Long Beach deep-water port are "managed" by the Communist Chinese; DPW will soon "manage" many terminals in 21 ports, including those through which military materiel is shipped, and which processes hundreds of thousands of containers. Now DPW is making a move on Doncasters and by extension, defense contractors in the U.S.

Oh, goodie!


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