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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dubai - From Someone Who Knows

With gratitude and a hattip to the Avenging Apostate and The Pedestrian Infidel, a most interesting and revealing comment:

Here in Dubai there is an area called Knowledge Village—it’s a compound that houses about 25 universities and colleges. I frequent the food court there and sit with my friends, sipping coffee and discussing the news. Our gatherings are multinational and multicultural, which is exactly the image the UAE wants to show to the world. I’m of Pakistani descent, and my circle of friends includes a couple of friends from India, one Canadian and a Sri Lankan; the Indians are, of course, Hindus. The Canadian and Sri Lankan are Moslems—so it’s a diverse crowd.

As is our routine, we usually start our talks on something political. One recent morning, the big news up for discussion was about a bomb blast in Iraq at a revered Shiite shrine. Who was our group blaming for it? The usual suspects for all of the world’s evils: America and Israel, of course. The group’s sentiments were, for all intents and purposes, an exact replica of what one would always hear in the Iranian government’s virulent anti-American propaganda, or anything else in the Middle East’s mainstream media. You are probably wondering why Hindus would be anti-American and talk just like Moslems do. Well, come to UAE, and you will stop wondering.

America, over the years, has had many allies that were allies in name only. The UAE is one of those allies. The UAE is the first to condemn the American actions against terrorism, but it condones what the terrorists do, saying they're fighting for freedom and in fact it’s all America's fault anyway. Whatever the UAE government says about the UAE being America’s friend actually doesn’t matter, because in the end they end up not acting on it. How could it be otherwise? I would safely estimate that 99% of the UAE’s population is strongly anti American. The same also can be said for Pakistan (having lived there also, I will discuss Pakistan in a future post). Just one day on the street here, in any coffee outlet, in any restaurant or in any club, will expose what the UAE actually stands for. Political discussions are a common occurrence here and even if you aren’t a part of that discussion, you can overhear what they’re saying. And what they say here in Dubai is in fact no different from what the Iranians, Pakistanis, or Taliban, for that matter, are constantly saying.

The young generation of the UAE population might seem to not care much about what goes on around the world. But when it comes to responding to the ‘appalling’ cartoons published in a Danish newspaper, they’re the first to go out on the streets along with the ‘peaceful’ women chanting ‘death to Denmark, death to America’. This, my friends, is the true nature of our so-called allies that we have in the Middle East. I distinctly remember, right after 9/11 when America released a list of 20 countries that supported terrorism, the UAE was included in that list. But then mysteriously, it disappeared.It is not a hidden fact that the ruler of Dubai, the prime minister of the UAE, Sheik Mohammed supports and protects Dawood Ibrahim, a wanted terrorist by the Indian government who is responsible for almost every bombing in Kashmir and numerous other atrocities in various Indian cities. So it is no surprise that this man, with connections to mobsters all over the world, including the Russian mafia, is the richest man in the UAE with assets worth over $20 billion. It is this man who owns almost all the businesses in Dubai and is also the owner of DP World, the company that (until just recently) was about to take over six major ports in the United States.The Moslems here felt proud when the DP World deal was struck--‘we are in America now…’ said many.

Not just this deal, but every project in Dubai in particular and in the UAE in general is planned with the west in mind, sort of a huge game of “one-upsmanship”. Burj Dubai, the project slated to be the world’s tallest building (currently under construction) is hailed all over the UAE and the Moslem world in general, because now, Islam is able to stand face to face with the west. All such mega-projects are designed and overseen by western Dhimmis (for example, the lead contractor on Burj Dubai is Samsung) and are as high-quality as anything in the West. The West is being used here too and they don’t even know it.What is the reason for all this? Not that the rents will go down if there were more apartments, because right now Dubai is one of the most expensive places on earth to live—a room, which is smaller than what my dog would get in Pakistan, rents for anywhere from $500-$800 per month. And that’s for rent in the slums. But they build tall buildings to take the west on, for Islam.

A country that portrays itself as the most liberal Moslem country on the planet houses a population that is one of the most anti-American, anti-western in the world. When talking to anyone who has been here for a year or so, regardless of their religion, all you hear is cursing against the Great Satan. ‘America wants oil; America was responsible for Iran-Iraq war; America brought Israel into the Middle East; America needs to be destroyed…’ This is all you hear on the streets. There is so much anti-American, anti-western sentiment that the feeble learn to hate as well. Under such an onslaught, virtually everyone comes to believe just as they do, namely, that Islam is right and the infidels are wrong. Always.

In the mosques you don’t hear much anti-Americanism but sometimes you do hear prayers for ‘people fighting for their freedom’. Who are they talking about? By ‘freedom fighters’, they are talking about the terrorists who are trying to destroy America and its (genuine) allies. Yes, we have allies who want to destroy us (the UAE) and our real allies (Israel, Australia).In UAE prisons, whoever converts to Islam is automatically forgiven his sentence and those who don’t, rot in it and then are deported. Arabs are favored over foreigners and in their pride they crush anyone who doesn’t resemble them. ‘Islam will take the world over…’ chants every Arab here.

Just as Mohammed’s followers followed his command to do whatever is necessary to carry the orders of Allah, these Moslems still follow that command to this very day.In short, in the UAE, whoever talks against the Jews and the Americans is loved, and is dear to everyone, but whoever is anti Islamic is thrown in jail and (if a foreigner) deported. Anti Americanism is bred here, it’s in the very air. They just don’t advertise it so openly, because the UAE is waiting, getting stronger and biding its time. Waiting for when the time is right.

A multicultural society where hatred of non-Moslems is obvious, where the non Moslems start saying ‘prophet Mohammed’ even though they don’t believe he is a prophet, makes me think that there’s something fishy. No one here has ever talked against the Iranian nuclear program; they don’t condemn terrorists—civilians and the government alike. By not condemning it, they condone, in silent whispers, the heinous acts of Islamic barbarism.‘Today we have decided we will give them a chance, we are handing our ports to them’. Tomorrow, who knows? An Iranian nuke might someday get past the security and make 9-11 look like a minor skirmish. Who will be held responsible then? The Muslims want us dead anyway, be it through our own stupidity or at the hands of terrorists whom they fully support--whom they call martyrs when they die.

How can we consider handing over control of our ports to someone who has sworn to support the annihilation of Israel? After all, no one holding the Israeli passport can enter the UAE. Mr. Bush? Answer that for me.President Bush, former President Clinton, and the rest can be as blind as they want, but I hope the citizens of the United States open their eyes. Remember the Korean War? China backstabbed the US then. Now, the UAE and the rest of the Moslem world are sharpening their knives.


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