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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Since When Is the Publication of Cartoons a Violation of Human Rights?

Muslims hpocritically are looking to limit the rights of the rest of us using any means possible:

The European Court of Human Rights said Thursday that it had received a request by a French Muslim body to condemn the publication of cartoons of Prophet Mohammed in French newspapers.

The Regional Council for the Muslim Religion (CRCM) in the Champagne Ardenne region said in a statement that the publication of the controversial cartoons in French newspapers constituted a discrimination between Muslims and non-Muslims contrary to the European Convention of Human Rights.

"Muslims consider all images of the prophet to be blasphemy." A limitation on the freedom of speech would be a violation of human rights.

Descrimination? Blasphemy? Most Christians believe that Muslim denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ is blasphemy. Thus Muslims are demanding an application of human rights to a practice that they themselves impose upon other religions. Blasphemy is in the eye of the beholder and cannot be a human right. A limitation on freedom of speech in the name of blasphemy is a violation of human rights. One hopes that the French Court will not accept this case.


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