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Friday, March 10, 2006

Why Don't They See the Cultural War in Which We Are Now Embroiled?

The West's "War on Terror" avoids acknowledging the fact that we are essentially at war with an ideology that is intent upon our destruction. This destruction may come about through a transformation precipitated by violence or nuclear blackmail, or through the chaos caused by a radical change in lifestyle as what would happen if we were suddenly deprived of our source of energy: petroleum.

More than likely the changes will come about as a result of the propaganda war that is being waged within the United States and without. We are not winning this cultural war. I am not the only one of this opinion. It's all a matter of perception instilled by "Big Lies that have increasing gained a foothold at our most prestigious universities and in our media."

The Palestinians have become the darlings of the media, the cause celebre of Leftists within the West and Islamists throughout the Muslim world and in the West.

The Palestinianization of the western academy and media began in earnest in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Initially ground breaking views about gender and racial inequalities became increasingly influenced by Marxist views against capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, and organized religion and gradually came to constitute what is now known as the "postcolonial" and postmodern academy. Race replaced both class and gender as a primary concern. Over time, even feminists became more obsessed with the "occupation" of Palestine than with the world-wide occupation of women's bodies. By the late 1990s, Palestinians, not Tibetans, Kurds, Bosnians, or Rwandans, came to be viewed as the symbolic victims of the world by those academics who considered themselves anti-racists, anti-violence and anti-misogynists.
Such highly propagandized views (organized by Soviet Russia, the Arab League and the Palestinian Authority), were systematically circulated throughout the world and disseminated both by the United Nations and by a network of well-funded "peace," human rights and academic organizations in classrooms and at conferences.
In an Orwellian world of doublespeak and groupthink, Palestinians became the new black South Africans and Israel became the new white Afrikaner Apartheid regime. Politically correct western academics and activists romanticized Palestinians, including terrorists, whose methods they viewed as a justified response to oppression.
Psychologically, Palestinians came to occupy the vacuum left by the Black Panthers and Weather Underground in the armchair-revolutionary academic's imagination. Despite all their pro-peace rhetoric, the western academy's true heroes were not really Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi, but Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.
Paradoxically, tragically, these same western academics viewed only two nations as dangerous "terrorist" entities: Israel and America. The atrocities committed by China, Soviet Russia, Cuba, Korea, and Iran never viscerally outraged them in quite the same way.
"Politically correct" western academics did not view their Palestinian victim-heroes as serial killers. The Palestinian and Arab terrorists who had been hijacking planes, slaughtering Israeli athletes, blowing up civilians, especially in Israel, and torching synagogues and Jewish centers around the world were not viewed as Nazis; their Jewish and Israeli victims were. 
The fact that terrorist-jihadists also opposed modernity, democracy and human rights did not seem to matter to the self-proclaimed arbiters of human rights in the West.

Ordinary thugs and murders, actually serial murders, have been elevated in an Orwellian style to the status of martyrs and freedom fighters. Political correctness has cancelled commonsense and multiculturalism has become the new nationalism and intellectualism.

Thus, American academics came to share the opinions of both Islamists and European intellectuals. They all expected Israel and America to pay for Europe's past colonial and racist crimes; Islamists were expected to continue Europe's war against the Jews by turning Israel into a pariah state--into the Jew of the world....

Brainwashed people are usually not amenable to facts or to multiple and competing interpretations of those facts. Those academics who don't want to hear about why anti-Americanism is wrong are deluded and self-destructive-- they do not attend lectures that might set the record straight. Those who do don't want to hear that the new anti-Semitism is anti-Zionism and that anti-Zionism is today a form of racism simply don't attend lectures or read articles which express such views.  When they do attend such lectures, they often come en masse to object and attack. The debate is uncivilized and is often characterized by interruptions, accusations, curses, intimidation, threats and group walk-outs. The lecturer is sometimes utterly silenced, publicly shamed, or forced to exit the premise for his or her own safety...

In the war of civilizations that is upon us: Dare to argue for military as well as humanitarian and educational intervention and you will be slandered as a "racist," even when you are arguing for the lives and dignity of brown, black and olive-skinned people. Such cultural relativism is perhaps the greatest failing of the western academic and media establishments.

Meanwhile the struggle is gaining steam in the Muslim world. The Jihad is Islam's crusade against the West and the Islamists have convinced their counterparts in the West that their cause is just and correct as did Pope Urban II when he denounced the many offenses of Islam against Christendom.

The Cartoon Riots, rampaging French "Youths," the Australian Beach Incidents, the London Bombings, the canceling of traditional fairs and celebrations in Europe, the calls for removal of books, artwork, closing of plays, exhibitions, punishment of editors, threats against artists, authors, and the burning of embassies, destruction of churches, non-Muslim religious icons, Belsan, and 9/11 are only the open salvoes of this "crusade" against the West being carried out by proxies and vanguard pioneers that have come with their families to displace and occupy.


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