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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jihad for Kids and Youth

hattip: JihadWatch

Get them by the age of seven and they are yours forever.

A new, attractive website for children was recently launched on the net. The site features animated figures and stories that young children could easily relate to. However, unlike ordinary sites catering for children, this particular one is operated by Hamas and its main objective is to advocate suicide and self sacrifice on behalf of Allah. According to Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the site, whose name means "The Victor," glorifies death and suicide for God.
In one instance, a caption that appears next to a picture of an animated girl throwing stones at IDF soldiers, reads: "Death for Allah is victory, the victory of the glorified heroes whose names will forever remain in the hearts of millions of Muslims across the world."

The animated figure calls on children surfing the web to enter the site and learn about the lives of "shahids" (martyrs) who "died a hero's death," after massacring Jews.

Another section of the site is dedicated to suicide bombers. Each day the site presents the picture and biography of a different "shahid." A special page on "The Victor" focuses on the story of Hamas' "brave shahid" Nazim Jabary, who carried out a suicide bombing aboard a Be'er Sheva bus in 2004, killing 16 people, including children.

The Islamic Fun! CD-ROM teaches Muslim children about a

...smorgasboard of Islamic. On the surface, bright and breezy, with skillfully executed graphics, offering games constructed to appeal to children. But nestled among the happy tigers, bears and kitty cats is a game called 'The Resistance'... The game's object: 'You are a farmer in South Lebanon who has joined the Islamic Resistance to defend your land and family from the invading zionists.' Players do so by blowing up Israeli tanks.

Zionists aren't the only only targets:

IA principal aim of Islamic Fun! seems to be to instill ancient Islamic resentments in today's youth. As the tiger cavorts among the trees in "Tree Hop," the game asks its players to identify the Mosque of Cordoba from among three inset photos. The accompanying question: "Ignoring the hand over agreement, the Christians turned the beautiful Mosque of Cordoba, in Muslim Spain, into a Cathedral (1238). Which one is it?"

As one might expect, the creators of Islamic Fun! are also zealous for the purity of their religion. Another question takes aim at Turkey, the lodestar of moderate Islam. Picturing three mosques, it asks: "Mustafa Kemal, the hater of Islam, forbade the use of Arabic in Turkey, banned the hijab [head scarf] and closed down the Aya Sofya Mosque in Istanbul. Which is it?"

These ideals are reinforced among the young through games and music CDs of the same ilk are not new and have been widely circulated throughout the Middle East and are for sale in Muslim areas of the West.

Jihad has been defined as a struggle and, there is a struggle among Muslims to struggle to improve one's inner self or as warriors against non-Muslims. The struggle itself is not new:

Osama bin Laden, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the rest are by no means innovators in this "abuse." Islamic warriors, struggling against Christendom for ten centuries, fought under the banner of jihad. Today, the word has been trumpeted by radical Islamic terror groups from Spain to Indonesia - and from within the United States itself. One of the most notorious Palestinian terrorist groups calls itself Islamic Jihad. Its Indonesian counterpart is Laskar Jihad. The extremist Muslim Brotherhood group, which operates clandestinely in Egypt, recently held a demonstration at Cairo's venerable Al-Azhar University in which eight masked men showed off martial arts techniques while wearing headbands proclaiming, "Jihad is our way."

One only has to look at the map generated at theBloody Borders Project to understand which side is winning.


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