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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

O, The Inhumanity of Reality

CAIR's Daily Whine email newsgram just rolled in out here in the country. One part of its "news" is this: OH: MUSLIMS FIND GIVING TO CHARITY NOW HARDER. I thought I would cry a bloomin'onion's worth of tears. O, the inhumanity of it all.

Read for yourself, but do get something to sop up the tears first.


Abdul Hammuda nods to his customers - a steady stream there for takeout and the mix of Libyan, Moroccan, and Lebanese cultures.He's a success story, an engineer who started several bakeries in the Arab-rich Toledo and Detroit metropolitan areas and chased down the American Dream.

But there's a darker side to being Muslim in America these days: He asks a reporter not to name his business - bowing to the inevitable brick that would come crashing through his window, he says off to the side.

The Libyan, who has lived in the United States for decades, said it's increasingly difficult for Middle Easterners here to celebrate their culture and religion without being scrutinized as supporting terrorists.

Islam, like other religions, requires giving to the poor. For Christians, it's called tithing. For Muslims, the practice is zakat, and there are rules for how the money is distributed.

But the Muslim community is finding it difficult to run charities without suspicion of funding terrorist organizations, they say. Toledo-based KindHearts - started after several major Arab charities were closed in 2002 - was shuttered by the Treasury Department last month for suspected ties to Hamas, considered a Palestinian terrorist group. . .

Last week, the American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections, a Washington-based coalition of U.S. Muslim groups, requested a meeting with Treasury Secretary John Snow to discuss KindHearts and "the continued targeting of Muslim charities without due process of law."

Dr. Hatem Elhady, president of KindHearts' board of directors, said it is still waiting. Treasury spokesman Molly Millerwise said she cannot comment on the secretary's schedule.

Running a Muslim charity in America has become a "very risky business," Dr. Elhady said. He has gotten calls from other U.S. Muslim charities worried the government will shut them down, even if they've done nothing wrong."

"They said that if this happens to KindHearts, and we were so strict about our money distribution, then everybody is targeted," he said. "No Muslim can do charity work in America anymore, because it's become a very risky business."

I took this whine-o-gram to Mother Nature, who owns Reality, and I asked her what she thought.

She asked me to recall that Islamists declared war on us in the name of Islam, with the avowed intention to kill and destroy as many of us as they can as well as annihilate our culture and country. From the airplane and ship hijackings in the 1970s, to the American Embassy seizure in Tehran, to Beirut in 1983, Khobar Towers, East African Embassies, Trade Towers I in 1993, the USS Cole, and maybe others that she didn't remind me of. Then, she asked if I remembered the events of 9-11-2001, Spain in March of 2003, London last July. Now that she mentioned it, yes, I seemed to recall...

She asked me what has changed in fundamental doctrines about Islam since 632 C.E.? She asked if there is a "moderate Islam." She also asked about "Palestine," HAMAS, Hezbollah, nuclear Islamic Iran, and Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia, as well as rabidly Islamic Palestine. Then she asked me to recall what has been discovered since 11 September 2001 about Muslim "charities." She then pointed her finger at me and asked me to recall how much overt and covert deceptive practices are entrenched, official Islamic doctrine, so that you can never know if they are ever telling the truth, not for sure.

Her killer question asked me just who in the entirety of Islamia is FOR us and not supporting jihad in deed or with "charity". "Who has tarred whom with the Islamic tar brush?" she asked. "Was it Islam tarring everyone and everything it has ever touched, or was it us?" She quickly told me not to bring up that garbage about it all depending on whom you ask. "Look at me, REALITY, and tell me the truth," she demanded.

I had to ask her if she supposed that, just maybe, Muslims have been making their problems all by themselves. She laughed, winked, and sent me back to work.


  • At Wed Mar 08, 01:18:00 AM PST, Blogger RichArab said…

    wow! intense stuff! but check out my site for a little different take on 'ARab hospitatility'! take care and keep bloggin!

  • At Wed Mar 08, 03:55:00 PM PST, Blogger George Mason said…

    To RichArab,

    You left out your address, but you were thankfully easy to find: There's some really funny stuff up there. I will be checking you out. Oh, by the way, re: your picture, I was going to ask if the cat got your tongue. But, then I realized that some Muslim got your head...


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