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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What Is the Frankfurt School?

A plague be on your house! The now-in-power Baby-Boomer generation is infected with "cultural Marxism," created by a tiny group of Nazi-German philosophers.

...Who in America today is at work destroying our traditions, our family bonds, our religious beginnings, our reinforcing institutions, indeed, our entire culture?  What is it that is changing our American civilization?...
Just such a core group did, indeed, exist.  That is, history identifies a small group of German intellectuals who devised concepts, processes, and action plans which conform very closely to what Americans presently observe every day in their culture.  Observations, such as those made in this series of essays, can be directly traced to the work of this core group of intellectuals.  They were members of the Frankfurt School, formed in Germany in 1923.  They were the forebears of what some proclaim as 'cultural Marxism,' a radical social movement that has transformed American culture.  It is more commonly known today as 'political correctness.'

'Cultural Marxism' and 'critical theory' are concepts developed by a group of German intellectuals, who, in 1923 in Germany, founded the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University.  The Institute, modeled after the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow, became known as the Frankfurt School [3].  In 1933, when the Nazis came to power in Germany, the members of the Frankfurt School fled to the United States.  While here, they migrated to major U.S. universities (Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis, and California at Berkeley).  These intellectual Marxists included Herbert Marcuse, who coined the phrase, 'make love, not war,' during the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations.

By promoting the dialectic of 'negative' criticism, that is, pointing out the rational contradictions in a society's belief system, the Frankfurt School 'revolutionaries' dreamed of a utopia where their rules governed [4].  "Their Critical Theory had to contain a strongly imaginative, even utopian strain, which transcends the limits of reality."  Its tenets would never be subject to experimental evidence.  The pure logic of their thoughts would be incontrovertible.  As a precursor to today's 'postmodernism' in the intellectual academic community, [5] " recognized that disinterested scientific research was impossible in a society in which men were themselves not yet autonomous...the researcher was always part of the social object he was attempting to study."  This, of course, is the concept which led to the current fetish for the rewriting of history, and the vogue for our universities' law, English literature, and humanities disciplines -- deconstruction...

The Frankfurt school studied the 'authoritarian personality' which became synonymous with the male, the patriarchal head of the American family.  A modern utopia would be constructed by these idealistic intellectuals by 'turning Western civilization' upside down.  This utopia would be a product of their imagination, a product not susceptible to criticism on the basis of the examination of evidence.  This 'revolution' would be accomplished by fomenting a very quiet, subtle and slowly spreading 'cultural Marxism' which would apply to culture the principles of Karl Marx bolstered by the modern psychological tools of Sigmund Freud.  Thus, 'cultural Marxism' became a marriage of Marx and Freud aimed at producing a 'quiet' revolution in the United States of America.  This 'quiet' revolution has occurred in America over the past 30 years.  While America slept!

What is 'cultural Marxism?'  Why should it even be considered when the world's vast experiment with the economic theory of Karl Marx has recently gone down to defeat with the disintegration of Soviet communism?  Didn't America win the Cold War against the spread of communism?  The answer is a resounding 'yes, BUT.  We won the 55-year Cold War but, while winning it abroad, we have failed to understand that an intellectual elite has subtly but systematically and surely converted the economic theory of Marx to culture in American society.  And they did it while we were busy winning the Cold War abroad.  They introduced 'cultural Marxism' into the mainstream of American life over a period of thirty years, while our attention was diverted elsewhere.

The vehicle for this introduction was the idealistic Boomer elite, those young middle-class and well-to-do college students who became the vanguard of America's counter-culture revolution of the mid-1960s -- those draft-dodging, pot-smoking, hippies who demonstrated against the Vietnam War and who fomented the destructive (to women) 'women's liberation' movement.  These New Totalitarians [7] are now in power as they have come to middle-age and control every public institution in our nation.  But that is getting ahead of the story.

The cauldron for implementing this witches brew were the elites of the Boomer generation.  They are the current 'foot soldiers' of the original Frankfurt School gurus.  The counter-culture revolution of the 1960s was set in motion and guided intellectually by the 'cultural Marxists' of the Frankfurt School -- Herbert Marcuse, Eric Fromm, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Wilhelm Reich, and others [8,9].,  Its influence is now felt in nearly every institution in the United States.  The elite Boomers, throwbacks to the dangerous idealist Transcendental generation of the mid-1800s, are the 'agents of change,' who have introduced 'cultural Marxism' into American life.

William S. Lind relates [10] that 'cultural Marxism' is an ideology with deep roots.  It did not begin with the counter-culture revolution in the mid-1960s.  Its roots go back at least to the 1920s and the writings of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci [11].  These roots, over time, spread to the writings of Herbert Marcuse...

But how can we claim the 'causes' of the breakdown of our schools, our universities, indeed, the very fiber of our culture were a product of a tiny group of intellectuals who immigrated from Germany in 1933?  Given all of the special-interest groups involved in these activities, how can we trace these 'causes' to the Frankfurt school?  Look at some of the evidence.

 As an example, postmodern reconstruction of the history of Western Civilization (now prevalent in our universities) has its roots in the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School.  This rewriting of history by the postmodern scholars in America has only recently come under attack.  Keith Windschuttle, in his book, 'Killing of History,' has severely criticized the rush to 'relativism' by historiographers.  What is truly astonishing, however, is that 'relativism' has largely supplanted the pursuit of truth as a goal in historical study [14].  George G. Iggers' recently published book, 'Historiography in the Twentieth Century: From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge,' reminds us of the now famous line by Hayden White, a postmodernist, "Historical narratives...are verbal fictions, the contents of which are more invented than found."  He quotes other postmodernists, mostly non- historians, who [15] "...reinforce the proposition that truth and reality are primarily authoritarian weapons of our times."  We now recognize the source of this postmodern assault -- the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School who became experts in criticizing the 'authoritarian personality' in American culture....

 Most Americans do not yet realize that they are being led by social revolutionaries who think in terms of the destruction of the existing social order in order to create a new social order in the world.  These revolutionaries are the New Age elite Boomers, the New Totalitarians [26].  They now control every public institution in the United States of America.  Their 'quiet' revolution, beginning with the counter-culture revolution of their youth, is nearly complete.  It was based on the intellectual foundation of the 'cultural Marxists' of the Frankfurt School.  Its completion depends on keeping the American male in his psychic 'iron cage.'

The confluence of radical feminism and 'cultural Marxism' within the span of a single generation, that of the elite Boomers (possibly the most dangerous [27] generation in America's history), has imposed this yoke on the American male.  It remains to be seen whether or not he will continue his 'voluntary submission' to a future of slavery in a new American matriarchy, the precursor to a state of complete anarchy.

If we allow this subversion of American values and interests to continue, we will (in future generations) lose all that our ancestors suffered and died for.  We are forewarned.  A reading of history -- it is all in mainstream historical accounts -- tells us that we are about to lose the most precious thing we have -- our individual freedoms.

Stomach churning stuff! /Read it all.


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