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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The "American Dream"

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These aren't "American Dreamers": They're colonists, hoping to extend their own culture and country into the territory of the United States.

The American Dream is something you build from a concept created over centuries. No one received the benefits of the American dream without the unpleasantness of struggle and heartache, and in most cases, fear and discrimination.

The American dream is more than hard work and paying taxs. The American dream is not handed over on a silver platter nor picked up off streets paved with gold. It always comes with a price: the recipients must joint the social order and accept the terms of the social contract that past generations of Americans devised for peaceful co-existence among diverse races, creeds, and ethnic groups to form something new.

Those that want to live beyond the pale of this social contract can't live the American dream for what they are doing is bring the pain, suffering, and the corruption of the old order with them, rather than living the dream.

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