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Monday, April 10, 2006

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: The Carbuncle on Our National Derriere

This whole "immigration kerfuffle" has been allowed to become an issue because our inept, incompetent, and constipated federal government, since 1965, has let it fester. They stuck their heads into the sand, a la ostriches, and let this mess happen.

Imagine a tiny under-the-dermis sore spot on your butt, like a pimple, but one that is getting bigger. Well, if you are not overly modernized to the point where you can no longer think simply and appropriately, you might head to the doctor for a quick diagnosis and lots of "16 inch gun" antibiotics. Or, you might try hot water compresses which raise the local temperature in the sore above 106 degrees F, thereby killing the organisms, and not mutating your bodily flora so that you cannot treat them at some later point. Either way, the little sore goes away, and you can forget about it.

Now, how would the government handle such a sore? First, they would immediately stop looking at it, and evade thinking about it. In fact, they would pass regulations forbidding anyone else to look at the pimple or talk about it. Out of mind, out of body, right? Wrong, because the little sore progresses under such care into a boil, and it is hurting to sit down. No longer able to ignore it, the government would decide to turn the other cheek, so to speak, and call this a solution. Eventually, the boil would become a nasty, very large carbuncle, with all sorts of satellite boils, precluding sitting, standing, or finding a comfortable position anywhere in the universe. The government would now admit itself to the hospital and take itself to surgery after plying itself with very expensive antibiotics. Under anesthesia, its designees would open the carbuncle, debride it, install drains and irrigation catheters, and pack it open to heal in the slowest possible way because the healing now must come from the bottom up. I could go on to say that the silly goose government now develops necrotizing fasciitis, but that really would not add to the metaphor.

Here we are, with some 13 - 14 million ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, by the latest estimates seen on television news, and they are DEMONSTRATING for what they call their RIGHTS, as though they are American citizens. Meanwhile very corrupt people in the Senate want to give them another round of AMNESTY, because they say, no one can deal with a problem this large. BULL S---T to all of this!

Some representative of some so-called “Council for Immigrant Rights and Social Justice,” a group trying to cash-in to grab power in one city’s “demonstrations” for today, Monday, 10 April, bleated on the radio all sorts of befogging verbiage that is typical of all of those trying to cash in. “Immigrant rights” means to them ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT RIGHTS, because to them LEGAL IMMIGRANT is the same as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. No, this defies logic, but like all postmoderns, these cashers-in are manipulating language to be their weapons. You can bet your bottom dollar that any time you hear the buzz phrase, “social justice,” you can be assured that you are dealing with socialists who are after you to harness to their plans. What are all of these demonstrators playing to? They are playing to the EMOTIONS of the legislators and executives in governments, from local through federal. Just look at the shift today in their tactics, from Mexican flags to American flags. Sincerity? How about opportunism and manipulation!

There is a great statement in Atlas Shrugged about James Taggart who archetypically represents most of the Senate, all of the State Department, and so many in the Executive Branch that one loses count. Confronted with anything that should make him want to summon thinking, James Taggart called on his emotions as though blowing on a fog horn, but one used to "summon the fog."

Let's make a number of things clear and contextual. First, I am concerned herein with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS only. I am not anti-immigrant in any way. I am anti-individual only for those legal immigrants who use subterfuge to get into America with the intent on doing harm, even if they are naturalized citizens. Otherwise, I welcome LEGAL immigrants.

ILLEGAL immigrants pose huge problems, but they can be dealt with quite effectively. Indeed, the lazy, those working agendas, and all the fog-summoners think otherwise. They come up with such stuff like the hackneyed claim that these illegals do the work that Americans will not do. People like Teddy Kennedy and all that support a minimum wage are the ones that created this situation. Plenty of people will work these jobs, but too few employers can afford minimum wage for grunt work.

ILLEGAL immigrants operate beneath our proper detection and surveillance. We, the citizens of America acting as the nation of America, have delegated to the government of America the use of force in order to protect our rights as citizens. To that end, we have the Constitution of the United States. We have the right and need to know who is in our country, why, and where they are at all times.

One pie-in-the-sky, divorced-from-reality article advocating open borders recently spent considerable space going over rights, and how all men and women on earth have rights, even the illegal immigrants. True, but ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO THE PROTECTION OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES WHEN THEY ENTER OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. That point was never addressed in the article.

We are at WAR, another fact glossed over by that article. We must know who enters our country, why, and where they are at all times. We have abundant evidence of jihadists, for example, waltzing into America with our destruction as their intentions, and our constipated government does not even know where most are. We have Muslims here on expired student visas and other expired authorizations, preaching sedition, and funneling money to HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, etc. The Muslim Brotherhood operates with only a fig leaf for a cover. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE IN AMERCA ILLEGALLY.

Those supporting the RIGHTS OF ILLEGALS go so far as to make every effort to the illegals welfare, health care, housing, food stamps, and in-state tuition if they get charged at all. How can anyone in government provide these bogus rights? Because they forcibly take money through taxation from legal Americans and redistribute it a la socialism to those who are--at a minimum--criminal, because they entered the country illegally. It is making Americans very, very sore--this watching the boil become a carbuncle.

What about a “guest worker” program? Fine, as long as there is full tracking and accountability, and the program is temporary for each worker who signs up.

What to do? Border control is number one, but that takes time. Meanwhile, start cracking down inside America, using existing laws. E.g., start in Maine, because it is the farthest from the Mexican border. CUT OFF ALL WELFARE TO ILLEGALS ABRUPTLY. Start rounding them up and deporting them. Put them in holding pens in the Nevada desert briefly until they can be deported. Do not penalize employers for their hiring illegals--that would be truly immoral, but remove ALL TAX BREAKS EMPLOYERS GET FOR THESE WORKERS.

Now then, as the word spreads, watch a growing human tsunami moving toward the southern border (and some into Canada). Let them through, to reenter Mexico, and use whatever force is required to interdict the Federales who will attempt to block the exodus. As the enforcement continues, illegals who came from south of the border will flood back south across the border from all parts of the country. A big problem will shrink progressively into a much more manageable problem. Hard core illegals won't leave, so there will still be the need to detect and deport them.

Now then again, start in Florida rounding up illegal Muslims, in the same way. Illegal Muslims will repeat just what they did after 9-11, when millions flooded into Canada, fearing detection and deportation. Just you watch all the Toweltop-and Burqa Charter Jet airlines leaving the USA full, faster than the bin Ladens and the Saudis blew out of here after 9-11. The human tsunami going south will cross the human tsunami going north. Once more, a very big problem will shrink into something much more manageable.

Under no circumstances grant amnesty. Amnesty is an egregious insult to the concept of rights, our laws, and the Constitutional system. Furthermore, amnesty is morally disgusting: It is mercy, an anti-moral concept. What is needed here is justice. Far too many people came to America the right way, and those who followed legal procedures must not be slapped in the face by giving the illegal and undeserving an unearned amnesty. Nor should we slap the face of every American by ignoring the Constitution.

Abolish the minimum wage immediately. Let wages become market determined so that all can work, and then see just who does what jobs.

There is much, much more, like abolishing all welfare, but that would take too long here.

Legal immigrants strengthen America. New legal immigrants should be identified, properly educated to the proper principles of America, and be tracked until they become full citizens. As legal immigrants, before citizenship becomes formal, they deserve full protection of their Rights of Man the same as American citizens. Few Americans would oppose. This is how you keep a pimple from becoming a carbuncle or progressing to necrotizing fasciitis.


  • At Mon Apr 10, 02:52:00 PM PDT, Blogger American Crusader said…

    Here in New York City they are proposing a bill that will allow illegal aliens to vote in New York City. Why bother becoming a citizen?

    The worst part is that they aren't enforcing the laws that are already in place. Why pass new laws that won't be enforced either?

  • At Mon Apr 10, 03:11:00 PM PDT, Blogger Cubed © said…

    American Crusader...

    "Here in New York City they are proposing a bill that will allow illegal aliens to vote in New York City."

    Good God, A.C! SURELY you jest! PLEASE say it ain't so! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

    I cannot tell you how PO'd I am today.

    The more of this crap I see, the more I am convinced that Bush 43 takes the "New World Order" thing very seriously indeed. Bush 41 mentioned it at least 200 times during his administration, and "New World Order" translates "no borders, no national sovereignty."

    Unless someone has a better explanation for everything that's going on, I just can't think of another explanation.

  • At Mon Apr 10, 04:46:00 PM PDT, Blogger zama202 said…

    The "pie in the sky" article was by Harry Binswanger. He was making the moral case for open immigration and he is right. He did not go into every detail raised in the immigration debate. But let my reply to a few of your objections.

    The difference between "legal" and "illegal" immigration is arbitrary. There shouldn't be any restricions with the exception of those related to self defense; ie preventing common law criminals, those with infection diseases and those would-be terrorists. By what right does the government have of preventing an American citizen of doing business or associating with an innocent immigrant? None. Most anit-immigration sentiment stems from some version of Collectivism at its base; either racial, religious, or protectionist (economic); this is notorious among Conservatives.

    We should want more people in this country. We would all be far more prosperous. The solutions to immigration can be summed up as follows:

    Economic: Abolish all minimum wage laws, abolish all manifestations of the wellfare state; in short laisez faire.

    War against Islamic aggression: The solution is not turning our country into a garrisoned prison; walls didn't work for Rome and they won't work for us. The solution is unrestrained, offensive warfare; ie bomb Iran, Syria, Saudia Arabia, etc into oblivion.

    Cultural Assimilation: The solution is a free market in education and a philosphical revolution which teaches reason, individualism, etc.

    Now, none of these things are possible today so the question is what should defenders of individualism and laisez faire advocate? They should advocate incremental steps in the direction of the solutions I outlined above. But that is not what Conservatives advocate as is illustrated by the daily onslought of postings by Eleanor.

    As for deportation of "illegals"; it won't make a damn bit of difference as to the safety of the nation, and it probably will result in some empoverishment as cash that would otherwise have been spent on consumer goods, etc flees to the other side of the border.

    This site has many positives to it but I sense the same problems as exists with TOC (The Objectivist Center); a refusal to deal with philosophic fundamentals as revealed by dwelling on the evils of Islam and ignoring the irrationality of Christianity, the attempt to build "alliances" with religous minded conservatives (ie Eleanor) to fight the cultural war against the Muslims and the Left.

    This wont work. Objectivist don't share the deepest premises of the Conservatives. To pretend otherwise is foolish. Binswanger's article represents the moral defense of open immigration made by someone who has made a commitment to individual rights; someone who is not interested in building any "alliances" with conservatives.

  • At Mon Apr 10, 05:05:00 PM PDT, Blogger George Mason said…


    Welcome back. Obviously, you did not read the comments we wrote to your last critique. You really should.

    If you had read my comments, you would be well aware that I know well who is the author of that open borders article, and you would become aware that I think this is one of his least well thought out pieces of scholarship. As such, it is egregiously incomplete and frankly, sophomoric. But, I am not in any contest with the author. I am free to disagree, which I do, and I give some reasons why.

    We have offered you the opportunity to submit materials for publication, and that offer stands. We also appreciate your critiques.

    In your comments, I see where I was years ago. I am no longer a True Believer. I am a rational advocate who has tried for decades to increase understanding and application in my life. Over time, I have acquired a depth and breadth not available to me years ago. This is why I will not throw out the baby with the bath water. It is acontextual and self-destructive. I did go through a period when I would have done so, and I have seen it in countless true believing Objectivists who erroneously isolate themselves, literally cutting their noses off to spite their faces, as some sort of purity ritual.

    I don't disparage this stage of development. In fact, I think it is essential, because each of us comes to Objectivism from a pre-existing personal "philosophy" which is some hideous mix of stuff we picked up growing up. Maybe our grand-children or their children may be able to grow up with the proper principles in place right from the first. I hope so, because the cross-over from the cultural cesspool to Objectivism takes time, a great deal of effort, and constant attentiveness, if one is to do it right. It remains to be see if one's psychoepistemology can be fully reworked starting in the mid-20s or so.

    By the way, I do not hold people like Binswanger in the category of rock star, above criticism. Nor do I think any of these big named people automatically have it right. You really ought to reread that article on open borders with a fresh mind, instead of that of uncritical acceptance.

  • At Mon Apr 10, 05:08:00 PM PDT, Blogger George Mason said…

    American Crusader:

    Cubed said everything I could regarding your astonishing comment about NYC voting. Many thanks for letting us know about this.

    By the way, I am going now to link to your site on my blog.

  • At Mon Apr 10, 05:31:00 PM PDT, Blogger zama202 said…

    "By the way, I do not hold people like Binswanger in the category of rock star, above criticism. Nor do I think any of these big named people automatically have it right. You really ought to reread that article on open borders with a fresh mind, instead of that of uncritical acceptance."

    Oh goodness. What an ad hominem.

    "In your comments, I see where I was years ago. I am no longer a True Believer."

    And another. Have you been following the discussions at Diana Hesiah's blog Noodlefood? You should. It is almost an axiom that those people who use the expression "true believer" do not understand Objectivism and are trying to recaste it to fit their "non-dogmatic" worldview.

    So be it. Your blog has value, but is drastically undercut for the reasons I listed above. I'll have to take the good with the bad.

  • At Mon Apr 10, 06:15:00 PM PDT, Blogger American Crusader said…

    OK...I was a little off but New York City is considering allowing green card holders the right to vote even though they are not citizens.


    New York City Council Members Charles Barron and Kendall Stewart, along with several of their colleagues, will re-introduce the historic Voting Rights Restoration Act on April 5, 2006. This landmark piece of civil rights and government reform legislation would allow noncitizen residents 18 years of age or older to vote in New York City elections if they have been lawfully present for six months.

    Why bother becoming a citizen if you can vote and have all the rights of a citizen without having to go through the process?

  • At Tue Apr 11, 01:34:00 PM PDT, Blogger George Mason said…


    You are refractory, so I must release you to your own recognizance. I wish you the fullest ability to acquire all the context you really need.

    American Crusader: Thanks for the update.


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