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Saturday, May 27, 2006

At Last! A Break in the Clouds!

There is hope on one front, folks, and if we can do this, it might give courage to enough people to protect our nation's security and sovereignty. If we can do that, maybe we can begin to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Please email or call your Representatives - it's so important!

"Path to citizenship" Faces House Foes
By Charles Hurt

Liberal House Republicans are taking an increasingly tough stance on immigration reform and are more determined than ever to delete the portions of the Senate bill that grant citizenship rights to more than 10 million illegal aliens."I don't want to see a bill come to the floor of the House that gives them a path to citizenship," said Rep. Christopher Shays of Connecticut, one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress.

This is a change from three weeks ago, before Mr. Shays attended 18 community meetings in his district, where the questions invariably turned to immigration. At the first meeting, he told a group of constituents that he supported providing a path to citizenship to illegals. Not anymore."There were real questions about that," Mr. Shays said yesterday. "There is not much tolerance for allowing people to become citizens who came here illegally."

It's the same reaction many House Republicans in moderate and liberal districts have had after hearing from angry constituents in recent weeks, said Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, the former chairman of the House Republican Campaign Committee who can cite encyclopedic knowledge of congressional districts off the top of his head."It is the hottest issue out there," he said, referring to public reaction nationwide, including his own moderate district in Northern Virginia. "Everywhere I go, even the ethnic groups, everybody is talking about this."

It was with much uneasiness, Mr. Davis said, that he voted for the House's tough border-security bill last year. But since then, he said, he has been stunned by the overwhelming public support for the House approach to immigration reform. "Voters have no faith that the federal government will secure the borders and begin enforcing immigration laws," Mr. Davis said, "and they are outraged over the Senate's citizenship proposal. I have seen it out in my own district, which is a very wealthy, educated, thoughtful district," Mr. Davis said. His constituents "are not knee-jerk people," he said, but "have taken a look at this thing and are very, very tough on immigration right now. They want a tough bill."


  • At Sat May 27, 06:15:00 PM PDT, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    The House is more vulnerable to pressure from constituents. My Rep is a real lefty, but I'm gong to get on him again.

  • At Sat May 27, 06:15:00 PM PDT, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    Typo! "going"

  • At Sat May 27, 06:24:00 PM PDT, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    And when writing, be sure to mention that you are a blogger and, therefore, represent more than just one vote!

    Below is the letter I just fired off, in an email.

    Dear Sir:

    Are you aware that a great many of your constituents are watching to see if you care about our national sovereignty? Protecting our borders and not caving in to the demands of ILLEGAL INVADERS (I refuse to call these illegals "undocumented workers"!).

    More and more, intelligent people are reading the blogs instead of the mainstream media. Rest assured that ALL the details of the immigration bill will come to light; the whitewashed stats, particularly with regard to the costs of illegal invaders, will be revealed and will not remain hidden nor whitewashed.

    And if we bloggers find out that you have sold out the United States, your vote will take on a great deal of importance for your political future.

    I urge you to support an immigration bill which will preserve our nation as a nation of laws, not as a nation of mob rule.

    [My Name], your constitutent

    The above is not my best piece of writing, but laying it out briefly is the way to reach our reps.

  • At Sat May 27, 07:08:00 PM PDT, Blogger Cubed © said…

    Re: "mention that you are a blogger..." Excellent suggestion! I will do so!


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