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Friday, May 05, 2006

Getting Serious About Illegal Aliens

"Alien is a person that is not a citizen of the present location. It is a legal term, not a racial slur. Illegal alien is also a legal term, meaning a citizen of another country who does not have permission to be where they are, regardless of how means of arrival."

Mike Gallagher describes the "kind of burning contempt and hot rage that is usually reserved for child molesters and animal torturers" that mainstream America is feeling toward the recent spectacles created by illegal immigrants over the past few contentious weeks. The anger is not based on racism but on attitude and behavior:

Have you heard how the Mexican government regards illegal aliens in its country? Last week, there was a report that two men were gunned down by Mexican police officers who suspected the pair to be illegals. There is reportedly little or no tolerance for the cause of the illegal alien in Mexico. However, that doesn’t stop President Vicente Fox from denouncing any attempt to secure our border with a fence in order to try and stop the tidal wave of immigrants from continuing to flaunt the law and sneak into our country.

However, this unprecented arrogance is not going unnoticed. In fact, the American people – the legal ones – are watching this insanity with intensity. People who don’t ordinarily bother to vote, much less know the difference between a red state and a blue state, are being profoundly impacted by the antics and showboating of people like the attorney I spoke to this week. While the first few waves of protests showcased a public relations savvy by eventually featuring American flags, the May 1st boycott marches marked a return to the more familiar sight of Mexican flags being unfurled and displayed. This was a mistake of epic proportions. It’s hard to believe that these activists failed to appreciate the resentment that millions of us feel at the image of people who claim to want to live here to achieve a better life using a Mexican flag to make their point. Then again, truth doesn’t really seem to be a high priority to those Mexicans who want to lash out at the USA. Organizers of Mexico’s “Day Without a Gringo” encouraged a boycott of Sears. Evidently, they failed to do a google search of the owner of the Sears stores in Mexico. He’s a billionaire Mexican.

Our government has completely blown it by being reluctant to secure our borders and send these people home. Incidentally, that doesn’t mean the type of mass deportation that President Bush seems to think a number of Americans expect. No one suggests deporting 12 million people by a week from Tuesday. The reasonable expectation is that we will enforce the laws on the books and when an illegal alien gets caught in “the system” (getting a speeding ticket or wins the lottery), he or she will be sent packing.

I’m afraid that the real loser in this drama will be the Republican Party. Recent polls suggesting that President Bush has his lowest approval rating ever and voters will turn out in droves for Democrats this November are as a direct result of this illegal immigration fiasco. If those polls are correct, a lot of solid Republican lawmakers will be drummed out of office by a disgruntled public desperate to be heard. Caller after caller to my radio show claim to be lifelong Republicans who will vote for Democrats for the first time ever. Some protest vote, I tell them. You’ll abandon the party of Ronald Reagan for the party of Howard Dean, all to cast a protest vote over the way our nation has handled illegal immigration. You can’t be serious, I say. They insist they’ve never been more serious. And they sure sound it.

Without a solution in the next six months, I think we’re going to find out just how serious they are.

Americans are angry with the illegal aliens, their backers, enablers and anyone deemed guilty of creating and extending this untenable situation. Obviously during the past few decades, politicians of both major parties should be held responsible, i.e. incumbents.

The Grand Old Party will be the big loser, but make no mistake, politicians from the Democratic Party are just as responsible, and perhaps more responsible, as many of them are among the progressive multicultural group that have done their best to abolish America in favor of World Socialism as opposed to business interest that are interested in established open borders for trade and free flow of cheap labor.

And in case anyone else wants to hurl the charge of racism or xenophobia in this direction, be advised that aliens from any destination and of any race or creed that participated in this demonstration of arrogance and the incredible attempt to blackmail the Congress and the people of the United States, for me, are in the same category: unwelcome.

Read the rest.

You'd be mistaken if you believe that only Anglo-Americans are fed up with the situation.


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