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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Rallies Haven't End!

Rallies are being planned through the summer until the 2006 election and until Congress caves in.

What's more American than apple pie and motherhood? The illegal-alien movement is not planning to stop with the May Day protest, now they are co-opting Mother's Day for another rally (scroll down), and if predictions are correct, there will be many more marches, perhaps with escalating in intensity as were those recent marches in Franch where tens of thousands of cars were burned and other property was destroyed.

Next Step: Mother's Day

Please join us Sunday, May 14th, Mother’s Day, in a
National Day to Reunite the Families of American Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents

We urge positive public action to support family reunification:

1) please pray for American children separated from their parents

2) please tie red, white, and blue ribbons around trees in your yard

Town hall meetings and other Mother’s Day events are planned in Philadelphia and in other cities around the country. Details to be announced.

The Problem

Congress is debating comprehensive immigration reform, with stricter enforcement, hundreds of thousands of guest worker visas and an earned legalization program: what passes MUST REFLECT OUR NATIONAL VALUES.

Current immigration law forces more than a million Americans, both U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, to choose between obeying the law or their marriage vows and obligations as parents of young children. THAT IS WRONG.

Yet U.S. citizens and LEGAL immigrants must pay joint income taxes for their spouses, while Congress REFUSES to deliver the visas it promises to American families. Corporate lobbyists can get Congress to jump: why can't we get Congress to vote on making immigration law consistent with Matthew 19:6 "What therefore God has joined, let no man put asunder?"

The Facts

For more than forty years, Congress has promised that when a legal permanent resident marries, the spouse will be part of this new American family. Yet Congress promises more than it delivers. There are now more than a million husbands and wives, parents and small children who must wait a MINIMUM of nearly five years, and often as much as ten, before Congress delivers.

EVEN U.S. CITIZENS are victims of Congress' failure. When a U.S. citizen marries a foreign student or visitor, it can take years for the immigration paperwork -- and yet as soon as they are married, that AMERICAN family may be exiled for 3 years, 10 years, or even PERMANENTLY, should the immigrant spouse leave the country, EVEN IF THEY HAVE A VALID RETURN VISA.

These are the worst anti-marriage, anti-family, and anti-immigration provisions of U.S. law.

The Solution

Congress must re-write the law to: 1) treat the spouses and minor children of legal permanent residents as the "immediate relatives" that they are, and 2) get the bureaucracy out of the way of U.S. citizens who marry immigrants.

FOR IMMIGRATION LAWS TO WORK THEY MUST BE BASED ON OUR VALUES, which means the rule of law must support American families.

The facts? What they fail to tell us is that families are often huge. In some cultures, the definition of "family" includes extended family members, often to include whole clans and even tribes.

If we are troubled by the influx of ten to 20 million already here, what do you think will be the effect of another thirty or forty million "family members?"

They contend that the Congress has failed. I agree.

Congress has failed the American people. If this Congress is more impressed by the populist movements of illegal aliens and are intending to look out for their interests rather than ours, we should replace them with representatives that will reflect OUR values.


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