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Monday, May 01, 2006

What Was the Real Purpose Behind the May Day Demonstrations?

Not a single article, not a single commentator, and not a single news report that I saw regarding the May 1st Illegal-Immigrants-On-Parade-Fest came even close to naming the real reason behind this day. The evidence was everywhere, and microphoned and computerized journalists of every persuasion were literally stepping in scads of evidence but were seeing absolutely none of it.

Of course, there were numerous agendas, such as whitewashing groups like communists who have traditionally used May Day to flaunt communism. The choice of day was no accident.

But, there was something much deeper and much more sinister afoot.

Take a look at these questions for starters:

What is someone attempting when he or she uses the term "immigrant" to
  • cover all demonstrators instead of differentiating between the legal immigrants and the illegal aliens?

What is someone attempting when he or she uses the term "rights" for all the illegal aliens in America and means

  • amnesty for their criminal behavior coming from border crashing;
  • a fast track to full citizenship ahead of all of those legal immigrants who follow and have followed our Constitution and legal processes for citizenship;
  • and gets those who are or were legal immigrants but now citizens to chime in sympathetically for these "rights"?

Well, the answer lies in the wonderful world of ideas, specifically epistemology, the branch of philosophy that deals with the principles and concepts of knowledge. In straight up terms, the answer to those questions above is simple. Commonly understood terms get stretched into meanings never meant; this distortion destroys original meanings and replaces those meanings with new, bogus ones. It is a bait-and-switch maneuver. And, if any of us falls for it, we have EVERYTHING TO LOSE, and the border crashers and their power-craving handlers have EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

Put another way, what is going on involves smuggling in "anti-concepts" to sabotage and destroy the real concepts. For example, if you can get people to accept a bunch of stuff that in no way constitutes rights in the proper meaning of the term, i.e., Rights of Man, then you can destroy the concept of rights. People will come to believe that the bogus rights are the real deal. That U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the classic bait-and-switch scheme using anti-concepts. Yet people whom we know and deeply respect go on supporting this Declaration as though it is a good thing.

Ayn Rand did a beautiful job dealing with anti-concepts back in the 1970s. She stated (in part)

An anti-concept is an unnecessary and rationally unusable term designed to replace and obliterate some legitimate concept. The use of anti-concepts gives the listeners a sense of approximate understanding.
You might say, once the anti-concept infects you, it really grows on you. It will take over the real concept and push it out of your mind. You can make book on it. The Supreme Court of the United States has done this with the concept of "eminent domain" through its 2005 Kelo Decision. Now, not just your property rights are up for grabs along with your property, but your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are really ill.

You, the American citizen (whether born or naturalized), are THE TARGET. There is not even as few as one of these illegal aliens for whom this bait-and-switch applies to or for. They are, after all, the next RULED CLASS. To get them into this state, YOU, you have to be neutralized. Stop your minds, and they win. All you have to do is doubt the real meaning of "rights," "legality," "citizenship," etc., and you will be doing their lawns. Legal immigration will go by the boards, and the hordes of wannabees will create in the west Aztlan and in the east Islamia. Can you say "dhimmi," "jizya," and "La Raza"?

If you keep your definitions straight and your minds focused, these interlopers have no chance. You, and I, may have to struggle for a long time and do so with great sustained effort, but we will win. It's worth it.


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