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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Debra Feels Turned Off and Angry, and So Do I

"No kidding," you say. Most of the last blog entries have involved illegal immigration, migration, the Mexican government, and the strong-arm tactics of illegal immigrants, their organizers and backers, "How on earth could we tell that you are angry??"

Debra Saunders titles her essay "The Great American Turnoff. Let's hope that there are millions of other Americans that are similarly turned off and angry by the revelations about immigration during the past few months.

Go ahead and march. After tomorrow I'd love to be able to say to these people, "You blew it by overplaying your hand." The genie is out of the bottle and too many of us know too much to again feel sympathetic.


  • At Sun Apr 30, 09:38:00 AM PDT, Blogger Dagney said…

    Here, here and hear, hear! I agree 100%. For "no gringo day" on May 1 the stupid jacks Muslims have decided to join the Mexican invaders in their march. Go for it I say. They will shoot themselves in the foot too. I have spoken to so many people about the invaders and everyone I, personally, have spoken to are fed up with them-regardless of party affiliation-believe it or not. I have been hearing many people call up talk radio shows and ask about a third party formation since there really is only one spineless big party these days (Republicrats). I am for that all the way. Let's elect an American this time!!! ...and let him/her have NADS!

  • At Sun Apr 30, 12:01:00 PM PDT, Blogger American Crusader said…

    Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. Thank God I don't live or work in Los Angeles. Still though, New York City isn't going to be a great place to be tomorrow either. I hope these demonstrations don't turn violent but the possibility is great. In protest I'm calling off our annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

  • At Sun Apr 30, 01:07:00 PM PDT, Blogger Cubed © said…


    I can't tell you how pleased I am that you are hearing about a Third Party. Maybe it could just be called that - simple and to the point!

    Where I live, the demonstrations are scheduled to begin at 4:00 pm, just as the evening rush hour begins. THAT'S sure going to win a lot of friends for them!


  • At Sun Apr 30, 01:10:00 PM PDT, Blogger Cubed © said…

    American Crusader,

    What? You're calling off your Pinko de Mayo celebrations? How very undiverse of you! How mean-spirited!

    Where I live, the local conservative radio station is advertising a 12-day cruise to Mexico. I am sure that the arrangements for the thing were made before all this came to a serious head, but I hope that there can be a "boycott Mexico" drive before long.

    If they think we need them, just imagine how they would do without us...


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