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Sunday, May 07, 2006

We Live in a Screwed-Up World

Muslim and jihadist aren't racist terms. David Hicks is the portrait of the new Muslim terrorist.

British Home Office Loses Court Battle, Must Resume Process of Making Gitmo Detainee a British Citizen

Via: Spencer, JihadWatch/

Here's the story of David Hicks, a jihadist who happens to now hold Australian citizenship, an individual who demands British citizenship by virtue that his mother was born in England, but considers himself a citizen of the "Islamic State." Why does he want British citizenship: "not because he has any allegiance to the British crown, or respect for British history and culture, but because he believes it will win him release from Guantanamo."


His attachment to Islam and declared enthusiasm for the Islamic state makes it overwhelmingly likely that he has no affection for Britain at all, and no intention of ever being loyal to Her Majesty's government. If he is freed and actually goes to Britain, he will most likely only work for jihad and the overthrow of the British state, and its replacement by a Sharia state.

What value will gained by the British by allowing Hicks citzenship? Only the irredentist Muslim movement, the Ummah Ismalayia, the world brother of Muslims will profit by the addition of another soldier for the jihad.

I repeat: Those whom are made citizens must demonstrate, over a long period of time, a propensity to loyalty and an enthusiasm to joining the mainstream culture. Citizenship must be made on a caseby-by-case basis, and not the result of legalism and popular opinion.

Don't you wonder how he was able to accomplish this feat from solitary confinement at Gitmo? The answer: help from daddy.

I would also look at the parents' loyalty as his father is complaining about his son's incarceration but doesn't seem to mind that he became a jihadist.


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