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Friday, June 09, 2006

Zarqawi: On news channels from the Middle East

Link is a channel on DirecTV, and it has a program called "Mosaic," which brings snippets of television news broadcasts daily from all over the Middle East. This morning, I got to watch what some of their broadcasters were broadcasting yesterday about Zarqawi. Most reported the death factually, particularly the outlets from Dubai, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Then here came "Keystone Cops television" from Iran. Where else? Talk about your "Yes, but..."

Zarqawi's death will do little to stem violence in Iraq...[Of course, Iran is the main contributor to that violence.]

The violence in Iraq comes from direct sponsorship of Al Qaeda by the USA...[As they show footage from the USSR-Afghani conflict.]

And so it went.

Of all the news outlets cited in this edition of Mosaic, the only newsette who wore the hijab was the woman from Iran.

Mosaic can be a hoot from time to time, and it can be revealing about how folks over there are thinking.


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