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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Saudi Arabia- The Cat in the Belfry

In July 20004, the House of Representatives voted down continuing aid to Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries on earth. The press wondered whether this would "offend one of our allies in the war on terror."

Why were we giving aid to one of the richest countries? Through an accident of geography, the Saudis sit on top of the largest reserve of oil in the world. Fabulously rich petrobillionaires do not need aid. Instead of spending their billions of raising the standard of living of the country's inhabitants and creating industries that could sustain them after the oil runs out, the Saudis are spending their money on spreading the influence of their brand of Islam throughout the world.

The Saudis are Wahabbists, following the teachings of an earlier cleric that saw the world very differently from the rest of Islam. Their view is that all other Muslim sects are impure and in need of reform. As do all other Muslims, they see the rest of us infidels, non-believers, beneath contempt, in need of edification. In their view, to please Allah, they must bring us to Islam in anyway possible, even at the point of a sword.

The Saudis have invested millions of dollars in the United States in various enterprises in order to make over American society. Democracy is an evil that must change. Freedom of thought and will must be put down. To do this they would put America under the rule of Wahabbist clerics, creating a theocracy, the kind of society that exists in Iran today. Of course the Saudi Royal Family would also rule from afar as Saudi Arabia is the country of the three mosques, a sacred place.

Other evil practices such as drinking, movies, music, artistic representation, dancing, and interaction of the sexes outside the family unit would be prohibited as these behaviors distract from the worship of Allah, their supreme deity. Freedom is anathema to Islam, especially to Wahabbism.

To ready Americans to accept Islam, the Saudis have invested their millions in the right places. They donate money to charities and to Muslim outreach in the community. They fund lobbyist groups in Washington D.C. and donate to political campaigns. Government officials and other experts once they leave government service are hired by the Saudis in various capacities or as consultants.

Education is the road to conquest. Textbook manufacturers routinely consult with them to make sure that American school children are receiving the "correct impression" of Islam. Universities are funded to give teachers the proper view of Islam. They are provided with teaching materials that promote Wahabbist values.

University Middle East studies programs are run by Saudi funded chairs that promote the values of Wahabbism. Lecturers are policed to make sure that discussions stick to the correct party line. Campus Muslim centers not only service the needs of Muslim students, they actively seeks converts. These centers also are involved in various students activities such as Palestinian political rallies, rallies and activities that promote and police student attitudes toward Islam. In other words, universities are becoming an arm of Wahabbism.

The Saudis have very quietly infiltrated the United States. Eventually the oil billions will run out. They are spending their windfall profits to create a place for themselves, here. Why aren't we doing something about this? Why were paying them tax dollars to subvert us? I say hmmmmm.


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