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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Adults Are Back

I belong to no political party, but I generally find more affinity for the Republican Party than the Democrat Party. Last night, I watched portions of the Republican National Convention from Madison Square Garden, and I was almost overwhelmed.

Out in the streets People-Opposed-to-Everything “demonstrated,” exercising the right the group inside wants to preserve. The obverse seems not to apply.

What struck me most was not just this outside-inside contrast, but the gestalt. I was reminded of the early days of the G. W. Bush presidency. So many people expressed a strong sentiment to the effect, "Thank God, the adults are back in charge." Comparing the two conventions, the two parties, and even the “demonstrators,” I found the same feeling resonating last night.

Right after the horrors of 11 September 2001, a similar sentiment found wide expression: "Thank God, George Bush is president." No one will ever know what, if anything, that looney-toon, Al Gore, would have done in response to 9-11, particularly given how he has deteriorated since the election.

The speeches by Senator John McCain and former NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani were strikingly different, as they should have been, but both were speeches by adults, and both were excellent. I particularly liked how John McCain, who spoke first, set the “big picture,” reminding us of our national context and purposes. Rudi, without vitriol and spittle flying, brought the discussion back to 11 September 2001 and to the record and behavior of John Kerry. He gave respect to Kerry’s Vietnam service and left it promptly in order to get into the proper context of this election. Kerry should have done the same—a long, long, long time ago.

John McCain’s reference to film-maker Moore and the ensuing reaction reminded everyone of the profound differences between the adults and the Democrats. The film-maker, a “journalist” for the rag USA Today, showed up during the audience reaction to McCain’s reference, and he was perfect for the contrast. In the audience were clean and positive delegates, seeming to come from every ethnicity and background; Moore, who has perfected physical repulsiveness as his “shtick,” projected dereliction, as a need for a shave and a bath, as well as needing clothes from a better source than the Salvation Army. "Anti-ness" radiated from him.

The gestalt from last night had an emotional tone that I liked. It was focused and positive. Any anti-Kerry and anti-Democrat references came out appropriately. Most attendees clearly love America and have a commitment to our way of life and its fundamental institutions.

By contrast, the Democrats, through their convention, through their daily speech and behavior, and through the rabble “demonstrating” in the streets of New York City, express chronic, unfocused rage. They do not like their perfumed princes, sissy socialists, and girlie men that are Kerry and Edwards. They hate Bush, as so many have pointed out, and this hatred is unfocused. The explanations they give for their emotions belie their lack of knowledge, universal lack of reading, and lack of concept-level thinking. They regurgitate“talking points” and frank propaganda publicized by sundry Democrat intellectual sewage generators. They come across as narcissists having chronic temper tantrums, and their poster child is Michael Moore.

In fact, Democrats remind me of Arab-Islamists. They are always angry and behaviorally unmodulated. Their mentation is puerile, and they seek revenge as their raison d’etre. Even those Democrats capable of using higher language and cognition sound like Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Al-Sadr, the Fahd brood, Pakistan, Egypt, Chechen rebels, and Islamists -- all caught up in a state of chronic pique. It is noteworthy that Democrats do not embarrass themselves, and that is an ominous sign of psychological personality immaturity.

While I disagree with President Bush greatly and while I disagree with the Republican Party greatly, I will gladly cast my vote for President Bush this year. I suppose that I am a single issue voter. My issue is the preservation and protection of the United States of America. Bush, as Larry the Cable Guy might say, will “git ‘er done.” All other issues are secondary, tertiary, or lower to our national defense. Nothing the Republicans or Democrats concern themselves with, other than national defense, are big enough issues for this election.


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