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Thursday, August 26, 2004

FIFTH COLUMN ALERT: State Department, Again!

State Plays Orwellian with Columbus, by Robert Spencer,, August 26, 2004

Robert Spencer, maestro of Jihad Watch, sticks his finger right into the middle of the truth again. He points out some more activity coming from the supreme den of political iniquity, the State Department. If there ever was a more anti-America political domain, it would have to be the Communist Party or any of the Islam apologists.

Spencer states, "...In a press release issued Monday, “Islamic Influence Runs Deep in American Culture,” Phyllis McIntosh of State’s Washington File burbles that “Islamic influences may date back to the very beginning of American history. It is likely that Christopher Columbus, who discovered America in 1492, charted his way across the Atlantic Ocean with the help of an Arab navigator.”

Following thoughts laid out by Orwell, Spencer looks at the motives of these multiculturalists: Rewrite the history books, indoctrinate the children, and you can own the future.

The he asks, "So why are the State Department and the Massachusetts public schools purveying this hooey? They well understand that it is about contemporary politics." And he goes on to conclude: "But it really isn’t the history of Iraq, or of Columbus’ voyages, that State and the Massachusetts educrats are interested in. What they’re really on about is the history — and future — of the United States. Their multiculturalist fantasy history is designed, of course, to make Americans more accepting of an influential Islamic presence in the country. But unfortunately, since no one seems concerned about how to screen terrorists out of this Islamic presence, they’re likely to find that the Muslims to whom they have surrendered their history — and who they have invited into their future — are no less multicultural than their forefathers of 1492."

Multiculturalism is the product of a serious cognitive defect. In a sense, it is a learned disease.

In America, its roots come from pragmatism, that philosophy, unique to America, which infects almost all journalists and academicians, and perhaps all politicians.

Pragmatism says that reality is malleable; thus truth is malleable. Truth is that which "works." I.e., if you get the result you want, then you know -- after the fact -- that your thoughts and actions were true. In short, the purpose of thinking and acting, according to the principles of pragmatism, is to attain an emotional result: gratification. Well, why not "shave" reality here and there to help the process along? Why not tell some things that are not true and omit some things that are to get the result? Voila, the New York Times and John Kerry!

We can hardly help pointing out the contradiction in the commission and omission acts used to hurry along the result. Somehow, the pragmatist had to know, in advance, that what he or she was shaving was real and true. That never gets acknowledged.

Spencer's article points out these processes in the State Department. They want a result--an unnatural and unearned harmony with Islam and a populace dulled enough by their efforts to accept such "harmony." They engage in cognitive subversion to get it. And we pay their salaries.

I would love to clean out that stable called the State Department. I would send Powell and his strap-hangers packing and all of the others who failed the recognition-of-facts tests. I might start by asking Dick Cheney to step down and take over the State Department and give him total purgative powers. I do not mean that Cheney is not a good VP. He is. It is just that he would be too old to run in 2008, and I would like to see Guiliani running with Bush now.

I would rather see untrained patriotic Americans populating the State Department if it came to that, rather than people who are Americans only because they were born here but who act subversively against America. People who live by Aristotle's dictum, A is A, are much safer for our country.


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