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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

FIFTH COLUMN AT WORK: Disgusting Duke University

WorldNetDaily: Terror-harboring group recruits students at Duke
To view this item online, visit, Monday, October 18, 2004,by Aaron Klein.

To begin appreciating how morally ugly is the event and its university sponsor are, start with the by-line:

Terror-harboring group recruits students at Duke
University hosts organization that supports violent jihad operations

Then add, "Speakers at a controversial Duke University Palestinian solidarity conference, which concluded yesterday, recruited students to join a terrorist-harboring organization..."

Those who presented "...[W]ould not state their last names."

Some people, retaining sanity, went as spies and reported:

"This workshop, just as its title suggests, functioned as a recruiting session for the ISM, and ISM brochures and materials were distributed there," the Conservative Union member told WorldNetDaily.

Try these paragraphs on for size:

The conference at Duke was PSM's fourth national gathering, following previous events at Berkeley, Michigan and Ohio State. Some PSM critics have charged that those earlier events were hotbeds of anti-Semitism, with some attendees
shouting, "Kill the Jews," and "Death to Israel!"

As WorldNetDaily reported, this year's conference featured a host of other speakers who publicly support suicide bombings, including Fadi Kiblawi, who advocates killing Jews everywhere. He wrote in a University of Michigan publication of his desire to
"strap a bomb to one's chest and kill those racists ... The enemy is not just overseas. The enemy is also amongst us."

Typical of liberals, the President and administration of Duke either pleaded ignorance or proudly proclaimed that they could take no stand.

Some people have nutsy ideas about what constitutes "tolerance." Our Constitution provides for people to speak freely without governmental interference. It does not provide for the "right to be heard." Furthermore, Duke is a private university, so is even farther removed from governmental intervention. As someone said, the protections of the Constitution are not to become a "SUICIDE PACT."

Once some one or some group declares itself enough for its guiding principles and practices to be defined, tolerance stops when you find those principles and practices are aimed at the annihilation of you, your values, and the values of civilization. Once diagnosable as irrational, tolerance of a person or a group must end, in the name of reason, reality, and ethics based on these. If you do not end it, you become part of the problem rather than the solution.

Duke should be chastised and punished. The best people to do are its alumni, by ending donations and withdrawing all sanctions until the administration gets its principles screwed on correctly and vows never to repeat this or participate in other conferences with murderers. The rest of us should email and write letters to Duke, and publish blogs and articles which expose its behavior.


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