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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hitler's Iraq

Hitler's Iraq, by Grant Jones,, October 14, 2004.

Scratch a Nazi, find an Islamist. Scratch an Islamist, find a Nazi. Islam is much older than Nazism, but it is entirely sympatico with it. As Craig Winn points out in his recent book, Prophet of Doom, Hitler found Muhammad, Mohammedism, Islam entrancing, and he learned much from Islam. Likewise, the rise of Nazism was heralded with great favor in the Middle East, and it is still popular among Islamists.

Apologists will indicate that this article by Grant Jones addresses only the politics of the Ba'ath Party and its affection for Nazism and says little to nothing about Islam. Included in this effort to fog the issues, American lefties will echo the same. It is not true about this terrific article, and, besides, history makes liars of them all. Islam and politics are fused, as many have pointed out, including us in 6th Column Against Jihad. Islam and language are fused. Islam and culture are fused. "Secular" over there does not mean secular as we use it. Where do these secular dictators get their ideas, after all?

This article is as refreshing as it is well-written. I love it when someone tells the truth without a filter as does the author of this article: "Actually, those that are trying to re-establish the secular Baath dictatorship, or its Islamist equivalent, are pure evil."

Jones nails the situation over there with:

It is not surprising that both the secular Fascists of Syria and the medieval theocrats of Iran and Al Qaeda should unite in attacking those that would bring freedom and democracy to the Middle East. Nihilists united in hate recognize their common ambitions and enemies. Their purpose is to destroy what chance there is for democracy in Iraq, after which they will fight it out for power. A classic example of nihilists uniting to destroy freedom is the Enabling Act passed by the German Reichstag on 23 March 1933. This act made Hitler dictator of Germany by a vote of 444 to 84. On the surface it seems peculiar that Communists delegates would vote for such a measure along with the Nazis. But only on the surface, the Nazis and Communists were just two different gangs with a common enemy, the first democracy Germany ever had, the Weimar Republic.

Why is the Middle East the basket case of the world? Islam. Why is Islam so destructive? It, like our overglorified left in America, is nihilism.


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