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Saturday, November 27, 2004

A Courtesy for the Husband - Genital Mutilation for Young Girls 'On the Increase in Europe.' What Good Is the Law If No One Is Paying Attention?

It's a sickening practice that tens of millions of young Muslim girls have gone through over the course of the last thirteen hundred fifty years. The practice pre-dates Islam, reaching far back into history to Ancient Egypt. Thus it is possible that many hundreds of millions of girls have undergone this barbaric practice.

But why is it on the rise in Europe? Laws against this practice are on the books, but they are not being enforced. This is not a big surprise as Muslims tend not to recognize the validity of laws that weren't created by Muslims in the first place. And a greater surprise is to learn that this practice is even occurring in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

According to best-selling author Waris Dirie, who has campaigned to end the practice that she suffered at the age of five in her homeland of Somalia, one in every three African families living in Europe is secretly carrying out the ritual on their daughters. Especially prevelant in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as Austria, an estimated 8,000 girls born into immigrant families have been affected, and because there are few initiatives to prvent it or to encourage doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, and others to report suspected cases, the practice will go on. France, however, is the exception where there is a strong awareness and education.

According to the World Health Organization, two million girls worldwide undergo this procedure, one that can lead to infection, the spread of Aids, and crippling pysical and psychological and sexual problems. It is little wonder that Muslim women are either very passive, cowed, or aggressively maternal.

Sword of Truth Archives offers a horrifying depiction of an evening celebration where invited guests view the sacred practice of Pharonic Circumcism upon an unsupecting little girl. Even though Muhammed is not credited with requiring the practice, he was aware of the ritual and did not forbid it. When viewing the pracitice he even commented on how far to cut! Thus, the practice is really cultural baggage rather than a religious requirement, although most Muslims cultures that subscribe to this practice fear that their daughters will never marry unless they are "trimmed." And the practice is growing.

Unsuspected little girls are brutalized and then grow up to continue a life of suffering because at circumcism the child is sewn tightly together. In order to permit intercourse, she must be sliced open and then the slicing is repeated when giving birth. After giving birth, many Muslim women are required by their husbands to be again sewn and the process is repeated for each birth.

Girls are castrated and can not have a sexual experience. Psychological damage occurs as a result of the brutality of both the initial procedure and the subsequent brutalization of each act of intercourse and childbirth. Muslim men don't seem to understand why their wives can't be passionate or are sexually frigid, or have a fear of intercourse and childbirth which often has to be forced upon them, a reason for not allowing women out of the house. This is the secret reason why women are confined to the home.

Why do women submit? Even the likes of Cleopatra were subjected to this terrible practice and the remaineder of her life is now viewed as "payback" and "mopping up." They submit because it is tradition, because they fear ostracism, because they have known no other way, because marriage and motherhood is the only legitimate purpose for woman on earth. Muslim women in the West continue this practice for similar reason, hoping that eventually Islam will take over the world and that they will not be seen as freaks for participating in this ritual.

Non-Muslim women living in Muslim areas also undergo this procedure. They do so in order to make themselves presentable to the majority culture that already views women as less and sees non-Muslim women as permiscuous. Circumcism gives them the same dignity that is afforded Muslim women so, at least, they won't be treated as prostitutes. For this reason Chritian women living in Muslim women also voluntarily are veiled.

What lesson can Western women take away from the experience of Arab Christian women and Muslim women living in the West? The lesson is this: you will expect to fall victim to this barbaric practice if Islam and Sha'ria law, Muslim law based on the Koran, Sunna, and ahadiths, is instituted in the place of constitutions, and oher codes of law that are not approved by Allah.

Remember that Muslims are accustomed to being in charge and that education is the both the key to Muslim take over and to non-Muslim resistance. We must be made aware of how insidiously Islam insinuates its way into the social fabric of a society and the consequences.

Sooner or later Muslims will demand that girls should be able to get this barbaric procedure done in a hospital for the sake of safety. Will we allow this to happen? We never thought that abortion would be legal and one of the arguments for legalization was to eliminate back alley procedures that were killing so many. The same argument can be used for this procedure as we can't know how many little girls die of blood poisoning, infection or hemhorrhage. Should a cultural relic be allowed just because it has always been done? We may have to make decision soon as the number of illegal incidents is on the rise.

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