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Saturday, November 20, 2004

A Double Standard Too Glaring to Ignore

Who could not help notice that the Muslim world seems not make much notice when a Westerner, or even an anglo-Muslim is murdered, but when a Muslim is killed the howls of protest are heard in outer space! Even before the murder of Margaret Hassan, we had Nick Pearl and several others that were gruesomely murdered.

The double standard was evident as it is now. The reasons that Muslim don't care about the death of Westerners is that they ARE NOT MUSLIM. They care little about the death of Anglo-Muslims because they couldn't be "true Muslims." A religious bigotry and chavinism is the hallmark of Islam and all that is non-Muslim is disdained and destroyed. Non-Muslims are seen as less than dogs and have been equated with "apes and pigs," or "slaves."

Read Jane Novak's piece for an eye opener.


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