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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The ACLU Is Out to Get the Scouts

Now the U.S. Military can't have scouting troops on bases because the "group requires members to believe in God." Good Lord! (Oops, the ACLU will come after me next!) The Scouts are a positive influence in the lives of young people at a time when there are so mamy negative influences pulling at us all and especially at young people.

Today all kids are at risk. No longer can we turn our kids out the door with the admonition, "Go play until dinner." No, parents must keep a watchful eye, either their own, or make another arrrangement. And latch-key kids are subjected to more peril as they often must find their own way home or arrangement after school. For some, youth gangs have as an alternative to having make that arrangement.

For generations Scouting was the arrangement that parents could rely on to give their kids purpose with wholesome things to do while they worked for a goal. Youth gangs do the same, but few parents would be thrilled if their kids became a "Crip" or a "Blood," as their goals and purpose are certainly not wholesome.

The ACLU is attempting to eliminate all references to God and Christianity for several reasons. One of the most prominent is Scoutings insistence, because of the Biblical prohibition,that openly gay men and women should not be in charge of troops, calling Scouting bigoted for holding this position. There are arguments on both sides of this issue that only the national debate will solve.

The Military has made "Don't ask, don't tell, its answer to this issue. Certainly military parents have a viewpoint, and many would like their children to have the opportunity to participate in Scouting as an alternative to roaming the streets or joining a gang. At least personnel will be able to be involved while off duty.

Offiially, at taxpayers' expense they will now have to come up with an alternative to fill the void. This is just one more finger in the eye from the ACLU. Perhaps they weren't listening to America at the last election. This is not what most Americans want. The ACLU has decided to become the aritrator of what Americans can and can't do. I thought that was the legislature's job, the job of my elected officials. I certainly don't want a bunch of trial lawyers making decisions about my life. Do you?

Update- We're in agreement. The ACLU has to go!


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