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Friday, November 19, 2004

From a History Teacher in the Netherlands

I just received this email. It speaks for itself. It actually shouts volumes because it names the fundamental flaw: EDUCATION. Don't think smugly that this is just about Holland's education. You can transpose everything this teacher writes directly into America, substituting "American" for "Dutch." This also shouts volumes to what happens to a country when it fails to stop intellectual plagues like Islam.

"After the gruesome murder on the streets of Amsterdam there has been great unrest in my country.BUT years of neglect in our education-system reveals now a huge ignorance on fundamental democratic values among the Dutch youngsters. As I am a history-teacher myself , I have seen it happen in Dutch schools. If we are to defend our democratic western values against islamic pretentions we ought at least know these values and live by them. The hedonistic attitute of the nineties is felt now among our youngsters. Racism and violence are growing among them. Many violent incidences against foreigners the last two weeks are very painfull reminders of our echec in education. The false idea of islamic moral supriority on moral issues gains adherence among discontented young Turks and Moroccans in our country. More education to learn young people to live as real democratic citizens is of utmost importance. "

History teacher


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