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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Years ago, a popular singer had a hit song, "I'm So Blue," but pronounced it "I'm so b_woooo." She was native French which might have accounted for her pronunciation in English, but she conveyed an infantile style which went very well with "I'm so b_woooo." I still imagine a coy finger inserted between pouting lips.

It seems so fitting to recall this for all of the BLUE NOSES-BLUE MINDS that are caterwauling ceaselessly about the Bush victory. I thought of their being of blue state mentality, thus my name for them of BLUE NOSES-BLUE MINDS. I refer to the "chattering classes" of the print and broadcast media and those who are embeded in the Sunday talk shows. All over the nation, journalists, academicians, and other "sensitives," are bewailing the re-election of George Bush. Once more, actors want to emigrate to Canada and France. And so it goes on and on. None of these caterwaulers has the balls actually to leave the comforts of freedom and capitalism. They just want to be infantile ingrates having temper tantrums.

Today's Maureen Dowd column in the New York Times is an example par excellence. I would have been embarrassed beyond bearability to write something like what she wrote or what that cretin Paul Krugman wrote the day before in the Times.

Be advised, however, that we are not dealing with normal people when the BLUE NOSES-BLUE MINDS invade our equanimity. These are the products of our "comprachico" schools (see Ayn Rand's chapter in The New Left for a brilliant discussion of how these BLUE NOSES-BLUE MINDS are produced by our educational system). These are the very worst of the unAmerican, anti-American FIFTH COLUMNISTS who ally with the jihadists in hatred of America and want to destroy it. They still worship the totalitarian systems such as communism and Islam.

But it is time to laugh at them and not stop laughing at them.

I often enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh despite serious disagreements. Despite any disagreements, I value what Rush taught us, something which few people have identified. His big contribution lies not just in revolutionizing a.m. radio and talk, which he did do. No, it is in something related, which I bow to in utter appreciation.

Rush taught us to laugh at the left and to do so derisively. Doing so is not an act of hostility but an act of justice. The left earned it, and he taught us to give it to them.

I remember in the 1960s in medical school when liberalism was in its heyday and for two decades following. O, how seriously they took themselves. They acted like moral crusaders, on a mission to cure the earth. They played to their narcissistic advantage the widespread moral uncertainty which prevailed through so much of the 20th century in the "common sense" population. When I refer to "common sense" people, I mean mostly red state people. These are not philosophers and scholars in the main. They are, however, solid Americans who rely on common sense to run their lives, in contrast to leftist theology. The only morality they have found thusfar to fall back on has come from religion, and the left tried to extinguish their religion. The left wanted the "common sense" population to give up all of their internal directioning. Then they would be putty for these new totalitarians.

In 1989, Rush Limbaugh went national, and the left went wild. Rush derided these pompous sacks of feces on the left. Little by little, people came to see that the left were poseurs. They had no moral highground. They were in fact despicable human debris who wanted to destroy what we valued and then rule us. In the Clinton Administration, we learned from Rush to guffaw in riotous laughter at them.

And, we ceased taking them seriously.

They hated us then and hate us now. THEY CANNOT STAND BEING LAUGHED AT. We took their power of persuasion from them. It was really more a power of intimidation. We ceased being intimidated. Did they examine their own mental contents to see if they had erred? Of course not. They are so full of themselves that they could not introspect. Doing so would expose the evil that they are, and they would probably suicide once they saw their own souls.

Now that George W. Bush and the red staters have won, they have turned on us as the problem. They admit no error. As a result, they are incorrigible.

We must stop supporting them in any way and drive them away from positions of power and influence. We must no longer elect them. We must not buy their newspapers and books or watch their corrupted televised mendacities. We must stop funding them in our universities and make our legislatures stop taking our money to give to neocommunist universities. We must privatize "public" schools so that we can drive out the National Education Association and other unionized incompetent totalitarian "teachers." We must close the colleges of education which keep us from getting content-savvy competent teachers. Believe me, proper education is the KEY to our survival as America of the Declaration and Constitution. People are only as good as their ideas.

We must never stop laughing at leftists as we sweep them out with the outgoing tide. This is a very big project, but it all starts locally. Remember the homily about the journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step.

Dan Rather, like Yasser Arafat, will die on the job. CBS has no intention of catharsis. None of the BLUE NOSES-BLUE MINDS will go willingly, nor easily. But we must get started.

Just think, instead of the present Democrat Party which acts like America's Nazi party, we can have back a LOYAL OPPOSITION, meaning Republicans and Democrats differing on policies but united in loyalty to the Constitution of the United States. Let the Deans, Kerrys, Soros, and others go form a "third party" so they can go into oblivion.

Let us inculcate the values of self-reliance over government reliance, and make the government do its job which is protection of the rights of American citizens. Just making the government protect authentic rights alone will force correction of most of our ills, if you know what rights really are (I have a new article addressing real rights versus the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 6th Column Against Jihad).

If we uphold authentic rights, which our founders called the "Rights of Man," we will shuck off all of this political correctness, multiculturalism, and the moral and epistemological relativism killing us now.

The BLUE NOSES-BLUE MINDS would have nowhere to go, except France. I, for one, would gladly help pay for one-way tickets. The real diehards could go to Islamia where their mentalities thrive. The rest who remained here would have to rehabilitate or face total obscurity.

The current refrain from the BLUE NOSES-BLUE MINDS of "I'M SO B_WOOOO," should provide us with nothing but laughs. To the BLUE NOSES-BLUE MINDS, our laughter is worse than their being tarred and feathered, which is still a good idea.


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