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Friday, November 05, 2004

We're Flawed, Dontcha Know!

Hundreds of voting "irregularities" were found in Tuesday's election procedure, from long lines, broken machines, machines that "blanked out votes," "sub-par" facilities, and a sprinkler-system incident. But we prevailed and tens of millions of people voted anyway!

"While the United States of America is a strong democracy, it is also a flawed democracy," said Keith Jennings, director of Count Every Vote 2004, formed after the 2000 election to assure voting rights for "underrepresented and marginalized sectors of the population."

Gee, a few people got wet, but at least they weren't sprayed with machine gun fire or set afire as was reported in other elections. Those that wanted to legally vote could and groups bent over backwards to get them there, explained the process, translated ballots and instructions into other languages, accommodated the physically and visually challenged.

To quote a recent candidate, "Every vote counts and every vote will be counted." Stop the whining!


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