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Friday, November 05, 2004

And the Beat Goes On!
Just in case anyone has the idea that we are "safe," I have gleaned the following links from Jihadwatch.

Whether its called "al-Qaeda" or given some other Islamic name, the jihadists are sworn to punish us for our choice on November 2. Or so they say. However, they are sworn to punish use because we are non-believers which is mandated in the Koran. Thus, they are using the election an excuse to push forward.

Where is bin Laden? Who knows, but Bill Clinton had four/b>opportunities to get him, even with other complicity of other governments that were willing to get rid of him…but he didn't. Perhaps he is living

'Safe with an Afghan tribe.

The murderer of Theo Van Gogh penned a letter threatening a member of the Dutch Parliament and left it on Van Gogh's body.

In Great Britain Anglican Church Schools are removing from school names the "offensive" saint's names as it bothers nearby Muslims, AND "church-going isn't very important in the lives of people today." This might explain part of the great disconnect between Americans and Europeans.

And fiinally, Canada, our nextdoor neighbor is still a terror haven.

Visit JihadWatch/DhimmiWatch. They have a year's worth of articles and postings that could you an eyeful!


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