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Monday, November 01, 2004

Vote FOR America

Jihad Watch: The election, Thomas Sowell, and Daniel Pearl

Over the weekend, I found a particularly good set of comments on Jihad Watch by Jeffrey Imm concerning John Kerry. Whether you have voted, as I have, or will do so tomorrow, whether you have made your choice or not, please read this. Then, vote your head, not your heart.

The challenge we face on Election Day is "who will take Islamist Extremist Jihad seriously"? Because of course it will still be with us long after the election is over. And all of the other issues pale in importance, if the terrorists destroy America.

The past 3 years have really changed much of my life. Especially since I have been a life-long committed Democrat. But absolutely my country and my family comes first. Of all the things I have heard, Zell Miller put it best for me.

So I am going to vote for George Bush on Tuesday, and I voted for Al Gore in 2000 (yes, I realize after hearing Gore talk these past 3 years, in retrospect how dumb that was). President Bush is not perfect in my eyes, and he has a long way to go on getting serious about Homeland Security. But I think, political correctness comments aside, that President Bush does get it about the Islamist Extremist threat and Jihad.

My problem with John Kerry is:
1. John Kerry has stated that threat of terrorism is "exaggerated"; I heard him say this myself.
2. John Kerry views terrorists as a "nuisance". per his interview with NYT.
3. John Kerry seeks a "global test" for our decisions on national security
4. John Kerry views the United Nations as an answer, not a problem.
5. John Kerry thinks "law enforcement" will defeat Jihadists who are paramilitary soldiers.
6. John Kerry offered to provide Iran with nuclear fuel to test their intentions to build a nuclear weapon.
7. Out of 100 senators, 99 senators voted to support the Bioshield bill to protect us from biological terrorism. 1 senator (John Kerry) did not. He was just down the street that day.
8. John Kerry has a 20 year Senate voting record against national defense initiatives (including the current Iraq war funding).
9. John Kerry told Arabs that the Israeli wall was a threat to peace, in effect, saying Israelis don't have a right to defend themselves from terrorists.
10. Regardless of the flip/flops on the current Iraq war, in 1991, when Saddam Hussein was invading Kuwait, John Kerry voted against stopping Saddam Hussein then.
11. John Kerry has the illusion that France and Germany share our national values and interests in fighting terrorism.
12. John Kerry collaborated with the enemy (North Vietnam) during war time while he was a soldier, and was viewed as a hero by the Communist North Vietnamese.

I could go on for pages like this. Again, I think there are many areas where President Bush needs to improve. But I don't know how I could believe in good conscience that John Kerry is a person who will take terrorists and Islamic Jihad necessary. It does not matter that Theresa Heinz has funded groups that are anti-Israel for years. It does not matter that John Kerry claims to be for oil conversation while he owns 2 SUVs.

The point is at the end of the day, who views Islamic Jihad as a real threat, and who wants to look the other way? And if I view Islamic Jihad as the most serious challenge to this nation, how then could I logically vote for other than George Bush. Other issues, and life-time Democratic affiliation aside, November 2 is about my country's safety, about my family, and about the war that will be waged against us - whether we are in Iraq or not.

I need to vote for someone who will recognize the threat, and who understands in this world of moral relativism - that there is genuine EVIL in this world. That is why I have no other option than to vote for George Bush's re-election.

A Democrat for Bush,

Jeffrey Imm

Posted by: jeffreyimm at October 29, 2004 02:17 PM


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