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Friday, October 29, 2004

What Do Al Qaeda and All the Other Terror Organizations Want to Happen on November 2?

What they want is very simple. You can give them the object of their desire, or not.

It is a universally understood matter, for a variety of reasons, that al Qaida seeks a political defeat of President Bush, particularly because of his aggressive policy of preemption, which has so successfully undermined terrorism and its funding throughout the broader Middle East. The Jihadists do not necessarily prefer John Kerry or his Party. They want Bush out of the White House so that a transition would take place in the Administration, followed by the shaping of new policy (especially different policy in Iraq) with at least 18 months of strategic inaction.


  • At Sat Oct 30, 01:33:00 PM PDT, Blogger dag said…

    I won't be voting in the coming election, I'm sorry to say, for the simple reason that as an expat for lo, all these long years, it's not my place to re-enter the nation to try to influence from afar the nature of the course of our homeland.

    Once, on the road to Baghdad, asleep in my hotel room, I was awakened by my door being smshed open by a giant, raging thug who demanded to see my passport, that i explain my presence in Iraq, and why I am a Zionist spy in his country.

    I'm one of those guys who wakes up cranky sometimes, especially when I wake up stark naked to find a gorrilla standing over me shouting. I'm a smaller gorrilla, a meaner gorrilla, an idiot who can't maintain my good nature in the ugly face of a thug screaming at me out of the deep darkness of my sleeping mind. I lunged at him and sent him crashing into a chair across the room, and then I took over as the maniac screamer.

    I can't recommend that kind of behavior. I think I can safely say it's stupid to do things like that. But--he sat there, that rotten bastard, and I really lost it because he wouldn't get up and fight. Good Lord, I'm 50 years old. What am I going to do to a guy like that? didn't matter. He was afaraid. I can't say he was afraid of me: he was afraid of a man who'd stand up to him, who'd dominate him, who wouldn't take any abuse from the get-go. If i hadn't been nuts, I'd still be in a hole in the desert waiting for an archeologist to dig up my desicated stuff. Instead? that creep followed me around all day, bullied shop keepers to give me local prices, made way for me on sidewalks. I hate that man.

    What's the point? That a man from a nation of bullies only loves a bully worse than he. Iraqis know bullying. they know terror. They know violence. they know agression without having to experience it so long as they know it's real and that there's no end to it.

    Is George W. Bush really going to take the war to the world of jihad? He's not nearly crazy enough to deal with those people in a waqy they can grasp. It's a dirty and savage thing to humiliate and crush the spirit of a man; and I say "So what?" Beat them until they're no long capable of hurting us or themselves, and then train their children to grow up as real men in the real world of men.

    It's not my business any longer how we vote back home. I have the luxury of not being bound by so many of the rules I'd have to follow if I were a resident still. I can do anything I like to an Iraqi piece of shit who threatens me. But the president we get, well, that's up to you. My place is outside the bounds of decency, and I haven't got any restraints like the President does.

    I hope that our president has the strenth to pursue this war against Islam with the brutality it requires. I know we all want the best for our country, regardless of who our president is. Whether our president is good, bad, or indifferent, he's still the President of the United States of America. I'll hope for the best, and in the gap, I'll do what I do anyway.

    I've been away most of 30 years now, and America is still my home. I hate to see the bitter divisions we have. I'm so far away that the details blur, and from this distance all I can see is one nation, under God, and indivisible. I don't care who the president is. My country is still America no matter who the man is in office.

    You don't need the kind of evil that seeps into the Third World shit-hole countries I spend so much of my time in. We have America. Be thankful. Because no matter who our president is, he's not going to send goons to break down your door. Nor will he cower in fear if he's confronted. He might not be a mad-man but your in America, and you don't need that there. You need a president, and you wil have one, the people's choice, regardless.

    The worst man in the world might be president, but America decides for itself. Thank God.


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