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Friday, October 29, 2004

Is United States Sovereignty About to Be SUBMERGED into a New World Open Society?

A Kingmaker. I thought about Cardinal Richelieu, Prime Minister of France, 1565-1642 or even Otto von Bismark , the 19th century German chancellor that united various principalities into the cohesive nation that is today known as Germany. The kings that Richeleiu and von Bismark backed up were hereditary monarchs. They didn't make the kings, they made the nations. Both men were principally interested working to spread the power and interests of their respective countries.

Is spreading the power and influence of the United States the principle objective of the man behind John Kerry, George Soros. The wealth of Teresa Heinz pales next to that of George Soros, a man that "meddles" in the affairs of countries to change regimes, buying power and influence, who is, in his own words a "marxist plutocrat" that is intent on creating an open society in which NO country would have sovereignty or be in charge of its own economy, not even the United States. Instead, all the world's citizens would benefit from the redistribution of wealth financed by taxes on financial transactions, principally those from the world's present wealthy countries "to be distributed where the new world government sees fit."

This man has spent tens of millions of dollars to get John Kerry elected so that he could, in his own words, "advise Kerry from time to time."

My blood ran cold after reading this lengthy article.

The Man Who Would Be Kingmaker, Part 1

The Man Who Would Be Kingmaker, Part 2


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