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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ross Mackenzie: On the dismaying egregiousness of John Kerry

On the dismaying egregiousness of John Kerry, by Ross Mackenzie, October 28, 2004

There is a rabidness about Kerry supporters. Where I live, they "key" cars, destroy yard signs, and vandalize Republican campaign headquarters if any of these show support for Bush-Cheney. I have been watching election processes for about half a century now, and there is only one other time that I have seen this phenomenon--the 1968 Democrat Convention riots in Chicago. What Democrat thugs do out my way, they are doing all over the country.

Kerry is so unfit for the presidency, yet his supporters so violently crave power that they support an unworthy candidate and try to silence the opposition.. It is difficult for me to imagine anyone being an undecided potential voter at this point. It is almost as difficult to imagine anyone actually supporting Kerry. However, if you are undecided or if you are a Kerry supporter whose mind has not been locked shut, consider these points from Ross Mackenzie's article about Kerry (read the article for all of the points):

1. One searches in vain for the word "apology" in the Kerry lexicon. He and his running mate refuse to apologize for shabbily seeking to set Cheney fille against Cheney fils. He refuses to apologize (a) to American veterans who fought in Vietnam for terming them all war criminals in his 1971 remarks before a congressional committee, and (b) to American POWs, as even Jane Fonda has done, for extending their time in Hanoi by two years. And he refuses to demand that Dan Rather apologize to the president for rushing onto the air - and to judgment - with forged memos about the president's service in the Air National Guard.

2. What's more, Kerry refuses to authorize the release - as only he can - of all his military records by signing the Pentagon's Standard Form 180. Such release might explain, for instance:

3. Why Kerry's honorable discharge from the military is dated March 2001, though his service obligation should have ended July 1, 1972, and he was discharged from the Naval Reserve in February 1978.

4. It also would be helpful to know why - as a member of the Naval Reserve - Kerry apparently could violate the law without prosecution by (a) meeting with the North Vietnamese Communists in Paris, (b) attending (even organizing), while simultaneously a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, peacenik rallies where the American flag was desecrated and the Viet Cong flag displayed, (c) condemning the United States and lying about its military, and (d) apparently being present at a meeting whose attendees voted on assassinating members of the Senate.

5. "I spent a lot of time before the vote looking at this issue. I went up to the United Nations at the request of some friends. And I met with the entire Security Council in a room just like this at a table like this. I spent two hours with them - just me and the Security Council, asking them questions." The Washington Times reported Monday, Oct. 25, that such a meeting never occurred.

6. Repeatedly, including in the debates, Kerry rejects the liberal label - saying that in today's political vocabulary, labels are inaccurate and meaningless. Then he deftly moves to redefine himself as a moderate. Yet labels do mean something, particularly regarding Kerry's history as a peacenik and his 20-year record of voting consistently against not only major weapons systems, but major military and foreign-policy initiatives. Liberal ratings groups rate him the Senate's most liberal member.

7. And the liberal Marty Peretz, editor of the liberal New Republic magazine, says this about the egregiously liberal John Kerry: "There seems to be some personal anxiety underlying almost everything Kerry thinks about U.S. foreign policy. He craves the approval of Europeans, as if he were some American 'arriviste' right out of a Henry James novel. (Teresa is a different kind of James character.) Early on in the campaign, he claimed that he had met with foreign leaders, and they had told him they preferred him to Bush - as if that were a bona fide to American voters. I can't count how many times I've heard Kerry people - not Kerry - tell me that the Germans and the French, the Swedes, and all of the Arabs dislike Bush and want Kerry to win. So what! Or, on the other hand, maybe it is really quite telling that the Arabs so much prefer Kerry."

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not a Republican. I find MANY flaws within G. W. Bush. However, I have no problems with his CHARACTER. Even though I think he could do a much better job fighting jihad (his War on Terror), I do not doubt that he will fight to protect America.

There is something seriously wrong with John Kerry. I question his character, his patriotism, his history, and I seriously doubt his willingness or ability to defend America. If he is elected, he will damage America severely. He is a man who is a total opportunist who lies so much that he cannot tell truth from non-truth. If you vote for him, and if you elect him, you will be in the same peril I would be. However, I would know that I did not ask for or permit it. Do not make this mistake.


  • At Thu Oct 28, 08:43:00 PM PDT, Blogger C said…

    As one who has had his truck keyed and spat upon for having the audacity to put a Bush sticker on it, I can really identify with this post. The Kerry/Edwards oxygen thieves make the case on a daily basis why they should never be turned loose with any power whatsoever.

    Nice blog, folks!


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