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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What Are We Thinking? I Guess REAL SECURITY



They are coming in and we know it. Illegal immigrants are entering at an unprecedented rate, sometimes slipping in unseen under the cover of darkness along the southern border or by boat into one of America's coastal inlets only to melt into the countryside, mostly for the purpose of finding work. And big business will employ these people at low rates at jobs that few Americans are willing to do, undercutting both national security and the ability of the "underclass" to have viable employment. Many are coming to work, but others are here for nefarious criminal reasons: drug dealing, smuggling, murder, overthrow of the government.... One would think that all Americans would want to keep out the last category, but for some reason we don't.
They are coming through the nations airports, usually with legal papers. Homeland Security is making a stab at controlling entry through the use of a "Watch List" that has proved both cumbersome, inefficient, and troubling as name recognition means nothing when forged documents are available. Innocent people are inconvenienced because of a name that matches one on the list. Technology is being used to screen both people and baggage, but not necessarily cargo.
Technology is an answer but not the only answer. We had better results when airport screeners were able to look at a person and make judgment call. That ability has been thwarted by federal guidelines that have left screeners out there, unable to operate for fear of making a biased call.
When discussing the porous borders, I set aside the border to the North that is shared with Canada for a reason. Mexico is working more closely with Homeland Security, although the ulterior motive is to get favorable status for their citizens so that it is much easier to identify those that cross legally from Mexico into the United States. Canada is not so cooperative.
Recently Canada stated they do not and will not fingerprint incoming immigrants as doing so would discourage immigration into Canada, and they don't want to be compared to the United States. That's well and good IF Canada would keep their immigrants and citizens up there, but they don't. Like the southern border, the northern border has crossing points that aren't covered at all, and at legal entry points, strange things happen, but on our side!


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