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Friday, December 10, 2004

The U.N. Plans to Expand...Under Protest!

The U.N. was a vision of hope for a world that had gone through two horrific wars within thirty years, a place where diplomats could come together for discussions that would avert war.

The grand vision of the U.N. has devolved. Instead of being a place of hope for world peace and discussion this body is a “nest of Islamists,” replete with scandal, accused of bribery, sexual harassment and battery, bribery, kickbacks, and a host of other criminal activities performed under diplomatic immunity. Armed servicemen wearing the blue helmet of the U.N. dispatched as peacekeepers have committed rapes and atrocities. U.N. monies meant for peacekeeping and humanitarian purposes have allegedly been paid to dictators.

All these and other allegations are being investigated by an “independent investigator,” Paul Volker, who has complained that the U.N. has not been forthcoming with documents or cooperation.

Now calls are coming to severely cut back funding to the U.N. and for the U.S. to either withhold funds or completely pull out.

For what purpose, then, is the U.N.’s
planned expansion
in New York?


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