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Thursday, December 09, 2004

U.S. Under Attack. Unaccountable U.N. Bureaucrats Are Out to Get Us…Again!

In spite of scientific evidence to the contrary, the Kyoto Club, a group of 129 nations that believe that global warming is caused primarily by human activity is putting the screws to the U.S. to force us to sign the protocol and live under the thumb of international law.

… The overwhelming sentiment among the participants is to find a way to force the United States to "get on board." French Ecology Minister Serge Lepeltier said, "I am convinced that we are going to bring the United States into Kyoto, even if it doesn't want to."

Speech after speech lambasted the "cold-hearted" Bush administration for not "joining the Kyoto Club." U.S. Representative, Harlan Watson, was ridiculed by the Climate Action Network when he tried to modify the agenda to reflect "climate variability," rather than "climate change."

The Kyoto Protocol becomes international law on February 16, 2005, 90 days after it was ratified by Russia. The U.S. and Australia are the only major developed nations that have not ratified the Protocol.

Giving in to this pressure would put us at risk as nations great and small, friend and foe, would have a say in everything we do here in the United States.

Nevertheless, the Kyoto Protocol itself is flawed because it “ignores the fact that a thousand years ago, the global temperature was at least two degrees (C) above current levels, during a period that science refers to as the “Medieval Climate Optimum.” Greenland was actually green during this period.”

Attempts have been made to obscure the record that is based on undisputed scientific facts. Advocates of the Kyoto Club simply “ignore the record” and, instead, “rely on computer models which can only predict from the data they are fed.” (Isn’t that obvious!) “When the same computer models are fed the known data from the last century, they fail to accurately project the known climate pattern.”

However, now the Kyoto Club has the power of international law and it doe not have to answer questions; “it simply issues decrees and declarations, creates regulations, and penalizes the non-compliant.”

Already, the participants at COP 10 are dreaming of ways to penalize the United States, to force the U.S. to join the international global warming club. Cathie Adams, President of Texas Eagle Forum, who is attending the gathering, reports that the World Trade Organization is seen to be the enforcer of choice. Floy Lilley, vice chair of Sovereignty International, who is also attending the conference, reports that the delegates and the NGO representatives have declared that climate change is at "least as great a threat as terrorism."

How will this penalty work against the U.S.?

The Protocol enforcers, through the several wealth-redistribution schemes embodied in the Protocol, will penalize U.S. industry, artificially increase the cost of energy in non-compliant nations, and roll out the red carpet for U.S. industries to move to developing nations.

Sadly, if the Kyoto Protocol were fully implemented, with every nation, including the U.S., meeting their Kyoto emission reduction targets, it would have zero impact on global climate. Reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide would be not be detectible, even if the five-percent reduction below 1990 levels could be achieved.

Of course the target of 5% reduction cannot be achieved by 2008-2012 as the Protocol demands. This is ONLY THE FIRST STEP in the Kyoto program that is “designed to keep adding new and stiffer reduction targets until fossil fuel is completely eliminated. Industrialized countries are given a heavier burden than developing countries and the “economic impact this horrendous international law could have is beyond comprehension.”

“The only thing worse--is the knowledge that the power of this international law is in the hands of a bunch of unaccountable U.N. bureaucrats whose goal is to bring down the United States.”


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