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Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Big Sell Out

America will never militarize nor close the borders to illegal immigration. There are many forces and groups that will never allow America to put safety first at the expense of their interests.

1. Businesses big and small have always relied migrant to provide cheap labor to, in their words, remain competitive with nations in which wages are depressed and benefits and environmental constraints are absent. American workers are just too expensive to create the goods that they themselves want to buy, or so they say.

They also say that American workers also are unwilling to do certain jobs that are unpleasant and frankly dangerous. In the past there was dignity in work. The poor and uneducated submitted to this type of work that is offered mostly to migrants that are not members of any union or to the un-unionized that would rather work than to live on the dole.

2. Central American countries and Mexico are lobbying for “normalization” and “equitable treatment” of their citizens that supply the labor on this side of the border. Normalization agreements exist between the U.S. and at least twenty countries. Remittance checks from their citizens employed in the U.S. outstrip the GNP of their economies that would take a nose-dive if the borders were closed and dollar-faucet was shut off. Workers, legal and illegal, have been subjected to what they feel is lack of respect and improper treatment as they don’t get the benefit of other American workers such as social security, health care, unemployment benefits, welfare payments, and a safe working environment. Illegals also have to leave in constant fear of exploitation by the unscrupulous that play on their fear of deportation.

3. The NAFTA lobby will never allow the end of mass migration for the free movement of goods and services throughout the Americas is a dream come true for those that want to trade and partner with the Americas. For this reason the past amnesty programs and guest-worker programs will be pushed and ultimately become new normal as the world breaks up into trading blocks: the E.U., the Americas, and the Pacific rim. The Globalization lobby most definitely wants to keep the borders open in order to foster free trade among nations and ease of migration so that labor becomes available wherever needed. Mexico and Central America are dependent upon NAFTA for the health of their economies.

4. The Open Society lobby wants open borders so that national governments are eliminated in their belief that nationalism is evil and the multiculturalism and socialism are the greater good. World governance would be by the secular socialist elite, not necessarily the United Nations. Individual liberty would be subordinate to group-need with resources to be collected and given out according to need by an all wise elite reminiscent of the now defunct Soviet Union. Variations of this theme exist throughout Western Europe and the Americas. Multi-cultural elites believe that values and culture are conditional and that no one culture or value system is better than another. Thus national borders are unnecessary and nationalism is a past evil to be stamped out at all costs.

5. MECha, an irredentist Mexican movement will never allow the Southern border to be closed or militarized for they demographically hope to occupy and reconquer the Southwest, or Atzlan, with the ultimate goal of seceding as either a separate nation or to merge again with Mexico. Angry and resentful still after the result of the Mexican-American War and the loss of Texas and what was known as Alta California in the 19th century, Mexican-Americans and Mexicans in general are pushing for this social movement to occur. The Mexican government, in fact, assists migrants to the border and advises them how to survive the dangerous crossing by providing a comic book-style manual.

Past Mexican officials have made statements to the effect that Mexico actually “extends outside its borders” as tens of millions of Mexicans now reside in the United States. Past President Ernesto Zedilla made that statement in Chicago. Mexican and Mexican-American politicians campaign in the United States and as Mexican Americans now have dual citizenship, allowing them to live in the United States and vote in both the U.S. and Mexico as well as to hold office in Mexico.

Mexicans want the “right of return” to lands that they say were theirs before the Mexican-American War. They consider themselves America’s Palestinians as the border came to them and “this is really Mexico.” Mexicans in California and the Southwest are quite vocal and some have been obnoxious about this point. Some American-born Mexican politicians are pushing for free and open access to the border, American driver’s licenses, voting franchise, and all other rights of Americans because they were on the continent long before the arrival of the English colonists.

Circularity and family reunion has been hampered by the most recent attempts at border closings. Past generations crossed the border at will to return to their villages with earnings and to see their families. In their view, checkpoints and physical examination are unnecessary and illegal indignities that keep families apart and impede the “natural migration over the land by indigenous peoples that have more rights than the Anglo/Gringo invaders.”

6. The Muslim lobby will never allow the closing of either of the borders as their belief is that Islam must be triumphant. As Mexicans don’t consider themselves to be immigrants, only migrants, many Muslim immigrants see themselves as migrant re-colonizers of lands that were once Muslims for Islam, in their view, pre-dates Hispanic claims to the New World for Christopher Columbus included Muslim navigators in his crew. Islam requires Allah to rule the world and for Muslims to overspread using any tool and means possible: demographics, economic, education, charity, religious recruitment, as well as war. War is deceit and, in their view, non-Muslims are not free to criticize or discuss Islam, only to wait upon, receive, and implement the policies that Muslims have brought to “make America and the world a better place.” Closed borders are a bother to them especially at the yearly gathering of Muslims in Mecca. Customs are an annoyance as well as a polluting factor for non-Muslim inspectors must examine both people and luggage. Muslims are the natural rulers of the world that have to regain their natural place in the world.

7. Immigration lawyers are waiting in the wings for the millions of clients that await their help to negotiate the red tape of the immigration bureaucracy. They will never allow the borders to be closed and are lobbying fiercely for programs that will assist migrants and immigrants.

These and a myriad of other groups want to maintain open borders for their interest group. They are selling out the safety, and in some cases, the existence of America, for the interest of their group.

Border control is now a very touchy subject. Labels are attached to those that want to control the borders in order to neutralize those that advocate control of any kind. Nativists, or even Americans that believe in restricted, closed, or even safe borders are held up to ridicule labeled: naïve, racist, bigots, parochial, stupid, hysterical, Christian fundamentalists, Zionists, exploiters of immigrants, and so on. Competing groups are tearing at the fabric of American society, each with an agenda that overlooks and ignores the will of the majority of the American people. Most Americans want a feeling of security and are demanding safe and well-regulated borders.

The Federal Government has created the Bureau of Homeland Security for the purpose of regulating of commerce, migration, public transportation, national security, and a host of other duties and requirements. The biggest obstacle to security is negotiating among the various lobbies and special interest groups that now influence Congress to our detriment.


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