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Monday, September 19, 2005


You've heard of Hollywood, the film industry in the United States, and "Bollywood," the film industry in India, let me introduce you to Pallywood, the film industry of the Palestinians. Although Hollywood still produces some films that are heavy in propaganda, most films are for entertainment value. The same can be said of of the films produced in the Indian film industry.

Entertainment is the last thing the Palestinians are out to produce. Well, maybe only for themselves. Instead of entertaining their audience, they want to shock, horrify and fool their audiences. They want to create a political storm of indignation that will force the world to rise up against Israel. They want the word to support the Palestinians in particular and, in the long run, Islam.

The raw footage shown in the film entitled "Pallywood," depicts the staging of military events against Israelis. Among other events, we see Palestinian gunmen lining up, taking orders offscreen, taking turns as they fire into an open window, and making do-overs. We see pallbearers dropping a "corpse" and we see that corpse get up and unto the bier again, unaided. We see a "wounded" Palestinian sit up on his his elbows to take a cell-phone call.

Everyone understands what the Palestinians want: they want the right of return to the soil on which Israel now stands, the end of Israel as a political entity to be replaced by a Muslim state. Few understand that this movement has been going on now since the 1920s at which time the Islamic Caliphate was ended. At that time the seat of the Caliphate was in Turkey but could be seated anywhere in the Muslim world.

The Islamist movement that is giving the world so much trouble is attempting to revive the Caliphate. But they won't stop with the Muslim lands, for they now have weapons of mass destruction and the technology that would allow them, if not thwarted, to achieve their ultimate goal: Islamic triumphalism and the implementation of world wide Sharia in which many will become Muslims or slaves, and others will remain as payers of the jizya, or tax paid by non-Muslims that finances the Muslims world.

War is deception and everything is allowed as long it done to further the aims of Islam and for the good of Muslims. Pallywood film producers have demonstrated that they are willing to sacrifice and sometimes the blood of innocents to achieve the goals of Islam.

One wonders where they went to film school. I'm sure they got an "A."

Additional Reading: Dr. Richard Landis, Richard Landis and Pallywood,

Hattip: Wretchard, blog entry: "What Is Essential and Invisible to the Eye," , September 18, 2005.


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